Watch: KFC shows us how to make a Gravy Mary cocktail


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I’m sure this has already been added to #45’s menu.


Hold the celery, I’ll have a mashed potato and stuffing garnish instead.


A “gravy mary” sounds…wrong, somehow. Like porn actor slang or something.


No. I will not. :face_vomiting:


I’m game: needs decent Vodka, obviously, but even then it wouldn’t come close to the Bloody Mary I was served in Boulder a few years back… Bacon as garnish. Bacon. As garnish. Bacon.


Seen, raised, beaten about the head and neck.


I applaud the bartender’s understanding of centres of gravity :joy:


If by “gravy” they mean that jellied brown goop in a styro cup, it’s a hard HARD pass from me.



Ever since bacon and ice cream became a thing, my concern for people drawn to these revolting combinations of sweet and savory has reached a critical level.


I hurled.


Goddammit America.
This is why you are fat!


But much like bacon, gravy makes everything better.

Sometimes when I get a bad cold the only thing I want to eat is KFC gravy. Now a days I can make a pretty good imitation of it at home.


I’ll have mine virgin, in a pint glass, served hot.


I’m of the ‘no such thing as too much gravy’ school but even so… nope. Nah. No no no.



Wavy Gravy = Poutine With Curly Fries


Sorry to spoil it for you, but click through: this abomination is the creation of KFC UK.