This Amazing Crazy “Tiny” Drink is a Meal for Two @nerdvana


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That’s brunch for two, with alcoholic beverage, for $20 (plus tax and tip). That’s about what you’d pay to eat at McD’s…

I’ve often wondered what they charge for a bloody.


“Cross Contamination” comes to mind.


I’ve seen those stacked drinks before and i find them to be obnoxious. Just serve the food on a plate :stuck_out_tongue: And 20 bucks for a Bloody Mary and a grilled cheese sandwich? I’m going to pass, i guess i’m not a baller like some people.


In a completely unrelated note, I read that health problems world wide related to obesity now out number health problems related to starvation.

So, yay?


MEALS was CHOW with added sugar and fat. The theory was that if you ate enough MEALS you would a) get very fat, and b) die of malnutrition.

The paradox delighted Sable.

Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett


Is my color balance off or is that bloody mary…brown?

Feeling old, man. “…instagrammable…” [shudder]



Think i’ve seen that here in BB before but still pretty funny and accurate


So where is the food for bloody mary guzzling Vegans? Asking for a friend.


(Video is cued to the relevant bit.)


Think it’d be possible to find in the right places, You’re bound to find something like this in Austin, especially a vegan/gluten-free grilled “cheese”. I’ve been to a few vegan places that had really amazing food and i’m not one that generally goes out of their way to eat vegan. And making vegan bacon is easy and make it all the time, i make it myself and it’s just dehydrated eggplant marinated with spices and whatnot. Not the same as real bacon but really tasty in its own right.


Love that show :smiley:


Next up - the Soylentmaker. Soylent with a shot glass of whiskey dropped in.


It’s called Tiny Tina’s TKO because she does this to your toilet

(just saying this if you didn’t get the Borderlands reference on the menu which is a game series that Mr Pitchford’s game studio makes)



See also /r/WeWantPlates


As much ‘wrong’ as there is in those dubious offerings, (and there’s a lot of it, from health concerns to being overpriced) I have to admit that on an adventurous day, I just might fuck with that shake.

They kinda ‘had me’ at chocolate covered strawberry slices…


exhibit 52,045 in the ongoing dialogue “The USA why are you so fat”


tomatillo puree…

That is not a bloody mary I recognise.