Cooking hotdogs on an air-cooled motorcycle


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Maybe they can try ice cream instead


My Wife and I ride the same model V-Twins with a little nook under the tank almost on top of the engine, it’s perfect for toasting a muffin wrapped in tinfoil on cold mornings. Delicious with your coffee!


Inspired by the tiny homes movement, Horace and Brie decided to downsize from their Park Slope based food truck and start cooking, and delivering, from a platform designed around an old Soviet air-cooled motorcycle engine.

This is the story of Wee Weiner Wheelies, Incorporated.


Good luck getting relish out of the carburetor.


Well, duh. It’s stored in the gastank.




Well duh. If you want heat, strap it to the exhaust system.


Maurice Seddon apparently had a 12V pressure cooker on his motorcycle, for cooking vegetarian goulash.


They would cook fine if you made a foil packet and wrapped them around the exhaust header


Might scorch the aluminum foil.


Yes maybe, you would need to figure out how far from the cylinder to wrap them and how long to leave them. There is not much space on those Ural pipes though.


My liquid cooled bike easily exceeds 100C every time I take it out. I think I could definitely pull this off!


Has anyone here ever heard of cooking a chicken on a VW bug’s engine shelf? I seem to remember something about a VW Cookbook from the '70s, but I can’t find anything about it on the web.


For what? We’re talking about hot dogs here.

Wait. You’re one of those aren’t you? I’ll bet you even use… ketchup. :fearful:


You can go after ketchup on dogs all you want, but go after relish and your risking riling up the Chicago contingent.


They need to read the Constitution. The Founding Fathers were clear.


True, you’ve seen what they call “pizza”.


Yeah, but I like a good casserole. If you ask me they get way more grief for it than they deserve when you consider the pretender known as thin-crust. Tomato sauce and cheese on a cracker does not a pizza make.


But are you doing that right now?