Check out this ingenious way to get hot dogs on the grill!

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Excuse me, grill a hot dog ?!?

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Unless you buy a whole mess of chassis, it looks like you have to go retrieve it every time. :thinking:


Hot (dog) Wheels!


That’s what having a friend at the grill is for! He can toss it up to the balcony.

(I really just wanted to say that the one shot with the friend at the grill cheering the landing made the video go from “interesting” to “charming” for me)


Damn right. With a split down the middle to get a little more area for charring, and getting those edges a little black.

I don’t mind boiled hotdogs, but they always seem slightly more like a meat balloon to me.


Working Steven Yeun GIF by TIFF

That’s a Bratwurst, for crying out loud. Not a hot dog.
Don’t make me quote colonel Batguano.

No way. I’m happy to die on this hill.

All of these are delicious ways to slice your hotdog before grilling, adding some great carbonized flavors:

And here of course is Serious Eats on grilling hotdogs:

About being a dangerous pre-vert, or needing to answer to the Coca Cola Company?


Yes. The whole point is to maximize the Maillard reaction surface area. Spiral has been my personal favorite since the ’80s, when (I thought) I invented it.

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Would you prefer electrocution?

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You decide how you like your wieners, and I’ll decide how I make mine.

Also, those are wieners, not hot dogs. Reported.

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