Cool animated overview of how media manufactures consent


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Amy Goodman narrates a gorgeous animation about Chomsky's "Manufacturing Consent"

Such scary music! I suppose I should be scared, except that every single word in that video is widely known. Is there anybody left who simply believes what teevee tells them? They’re probably not reading Boing Boing.


And that’s why we need people like Donald Trump to stand up to the globalist elite, and …


Sooo, Trump is right? Seriously though, that was some grade-A vagary that seems more tuned to the Breitbart crowd than anyone else. Without any examples, suggestions about responsible media consumption, or, oh I don’t know, even defining how the word “consent” is being used in this context, this is pretty useless. The headline gets it right “Cool animat[ion]” seems to have been the inspiration here…(and YMMV on the results…)


I’d rather say That the maga machine cynically twists elements of the truth, earnestly shared here, to their own ends. In well matched battle, weapons can be difficult to tell apart at a cursory glance. Still, effective armies must drill; and choirs practice. The faithful need their prayers and mantras. A wheel must have a hub to roll. Since December my main mantra has been, “Pull the wool over your own eyes before someone else does.” I mean what ya gonna do about it? Apologies if I’m coming off a pedantic Pollyanna here. Perhaps you’d enjoy a pretty song and animation? For me, it captures the conundrum quite perfectly. For the record, my preference is to dance and hug it out.


What’s worse is that most of the news you see doesn’t even originate from a newsroom, but from a PR firm trying to raise awareness of a product, celebrity, etc.


Trump is right?


About the sky being blue, trees growing with the green bit up top, and the media being a paid-for circus that serves its audience in the same way restaurants serve meals. The obvious things.

About, y’know, policy, ethics, history, science, &c &c &c no. He isn’t.


Of course, a brief animation about the manufacture of consent is going to be superficial. I suppose it is more for those who may be new to the idea. For those interested in something more in-depth, the entire film Manufacturing Consent is online. I also recommend Chomsky’s book Necessary Illusions.


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