Kellyanne Conway says media aren’t 'afraid enough'


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This is my truth, tell me yours.

Nye Bevan


Isn’t this exactly Fox News’ business model?


Shhhh, don’t spoil this for her.


These people have no shame. Trump whines about Obama’s golfing, then he golf much more. Trump whines about Obama’s spending, then he spends much more. Trump whines about the media lying, but he lies much more.



It’s almost like Trump was projecting his faults onto Obama.

Does anyone have any evidence that Trump was born in the USA?


"Pull my finger!"



He does brag about how Scottish he is…


If I remember correctly he says he’s “Scotch”.


Oh is that where his healthy amber glow comes from?


Any evidence that his birth was natural?


Next up from Conway:

  • Freedom is Slavery
  • Up is Down
  • White is the new Black


Did Conway swallow and flick her hair when she said this?


You mean she hasn’t said the first and third yet?


•Freedom is Slavery
•Up is Down
•White is the new Black
•You know, the media and other opinion leaders, they were way too afraid of President Obama and his administration.


Not that I’ve found.

But of course, it wouldn’t surprise me.


Yes, with a cavalier-ish flair and a twinkle in her eye.