George Conway's 3 tips to liberal media on how to beat Donald Trump (video)

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“Granted, I wasn’t able to convince my own spouse to temper her support for the felonious narcissist who attempted to overthrow the United States government but I have some ideas that might work on other Republicans…”


Once again, I wish it was a Democrat saying that it’s time for the corporate (not “liberal”) media to stop taking the high road with the narcissistic convicted felon. Instead, we get a neoCon telling them to that it’s ok to be uncivil (which they won’t, because they somehow still believe the Know-Nothing 27% might be part of their audience).

I mean, even at this late date the NYT is still reluctant to call von Clownstick’s utterances “lies”, settling for euphemisms like “factually inaccurate statements”. And Conway expects these craven editors to start openly mocking him and calling him crazy?


I suggest, since 60-80 million love Trump so much, once he loses, he and the 60-80 million get free one-way tickets to Russia, since that seems to be what they really want.


george will forever be at least a nazi sympathizer in my book. His damn ass married, and still is married to one, and she’s among the most strident and hideous (in all senses) of them.


see, i disagree with this sentiment. while it might be seductive to wish to “purify” the population, purging those with whom we are at polar odds to exile, is nothing more than adopting the oppressor’s language and turning it on them. this does nothing for those of us who want a peaceful, civilized resolution to this national nightmare. it lessens us to no better than their own angry appeals for “purity” and that is not helpful.


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The Achilles’ heel of fascists. They cannot survive being the butt of the joke. Largely why they also cannot be funny, they are constitutionally incapable of laughing at themselves, and they are hilarious.


I don’t disagree with you. (And I was mostly being sarcastic in my post.) But I do struggle with how a civilized resolution would work. Or even if it would work. I have a feeling that resolving the divide would span for several decades. Even if so, it’s still a worthwhile goal.


I think voting out MAGA candidates across the board is a good start. If we can find a way to give the Democrats a strong majority in the house and senate (and in some state houses, while we’re at it), minds can be changed by good public policy that starts working on our shared problems when they start showing results. A major part of the reason why FDR got 4 terms and his policies were broadly popular with the American public, was that they did measurable improve people’s lives. Of course, the problem there is that good policy can take a while to enact real change in people’s lives.

But FDR also used the mass media to his advantage in promoting New Deal programs (fireside chats, etc). So, the media is the other part of that equation. We need stronger media regulation across the board (including the internet). People’s views are shaped by their interactions with mass media (whether we like that or not) and so we need to address that if we want people to understand basic facts about the world, the economy, and about the fascism of the GOP.

Last, we need to let people know that some things are NOT okay. Depriving people of basic rights is NOT okay. Using whatever bigotry to shape society is NOT okay. That letting kids die because they’re trans is NOT okay. Speaking up when you see that in your daily life is one way to go about that. So is demanding our institutions (public and private) hold up high standards for how individuals within those organizations are treated.

These are not the only solutions here. It’s not easy, but to NOT do these things will cause greater problems in the long run.


And rapidly becomes a question of where do you draw the line. As Chuck Noll, Steelers legendary coach, once answered to “Isn’t it hard to cut players after all that work?” “No, the cutting isn’t hard. It’s stopping that is hard.” If we throw out anyone who has views disfavored by TPTB, where do we stop?


“George Conway’s 3 tips to liberal media on how to beat Donald Trump“

With a paddle, a switch and a rolled up newspaper?


(My headcannon is that this is MTG! It makes it sooo satisfying.)


Taken with historical context though, suffering through a World War and a Great Depression established the backdrop for the New Deal programs to come about in the first place. By that time Americans had endured decades of extreme hardship brought about by laissez-faire conservative economic policies and were ready to embrace the Democratic reforms. As you said, it still took several decades for these programs to cement themselves broadly into society (and Republicans are working very hard to dismantle these institutions still today).

I’m very scared that extracting the country from the tendrils of the MAGA movement will be another multi-generational process.


Normally, laughing at the cognitively impaired would be punching down, but in this case…Laughter is the best medicine.

I am reminded of the Star Trek episode “The Day of the Dove,” with the Enterprise crew and the Klingons forcing the monster to flee by laughing at it. Or perhaps “And the Children Shall Lead,” where the ugliness of the monster is revealed when it’s spell over the children is broken.


Is the country in its tendrils tho?

Biden has been in office for a few years now, not Tromp, who by the way lost in 2020.

Republicans/conservatives do have a solid stranglehold on the SCOTUS, but in Congress they only hold a slim lead in the House. And the party itself, while virtually united behind Tromp, is riven with division-- who knows where that will lead if Tromp loses again (which I think is becoming increasingly likely).

I too fear further ravages by MAGAt minions and the billionaires funding them, but I don’t think their tendrils control everything, nor that the power they do have will inevitably last all that much longer than the inevitable fall and death of Tromp.


Just make the tickets optional. That way, whether ticket or nazi sympathizer, something is getting punched.


I probably should have been more specific about the MAGA-mindset of extreme, scorched-earth politics that seems to have infected a large portion of our society. The Republican party has most definitely gone off the rails into batshit crazy territory and this seems be perfectly acceptable to wide swaths of people who continue to vote these clowns into office at the state and local level.

Whether that fully subsides after VonClownstick takes his final dirt nap remains to be seen.


Yes, I’m aware of that (being a historian and all :wink:). That did not automatically mean he’d be able to get these programs through, even though he was ushered into office on a populist wave. And not everyone was onboard with the ND programs, either, especially Republicans. He got lots of pushback.

it absolutely will be, yes. We should have had a stronger set of programs aimed at anti-racism and the like after the passage of the civil rights bills (more affirmative action type programs, and ensure all people were under the protection of our constitution as full citizens). But we did not really do that. This is really connected to white power/supremacy going “underground” but eventually rising back up to the top. If we’d done a better job in the 70s, we wouldn’t be here. Hell, if we’d done a better job in the 1880s-1890s ensuring that segregation had not gotten a toehold, we’d be in a much better position.

As long as some elites have no interest in solving any of our problems, but reaping profits off what causes those problems, they’re going to keep pushing divisive means to stay in power and keep us all down and divided. People will buy into it, because they find some psychic benefit to that class structure.

But this being difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. We USED to feel like we could tackle difficult problems in this country and figure out ways forward to the betterment of us all. Just this week, we’re celebrating the 80s anniversary of one of those moments. But lately, far too many of us seem like they’re not willing to do anything unless you present them with a perfect solution that solves everything… that’s never been how you get change. And the sooner we grok that, then we can finally start making some progress on all this.


I believe we can make nazis afraid and ashamed again!