George Conway's 3 tips to liberal media on how to beat Donald Trump (video)

Agreed, I think so too. But far too many people apparently believe it’s too hard to do, so it isn’t worth trying… I really do think that far too many americans have latched onto some kind of weird ass learned helplessness, which makes some prone to authoritarianism and others just… lacking a belief that we can make any sort of positive change. It’s depressing!


Use his actions as the foundation for the jokes, not anything we can only speculate about like the state of his mental faculties. Call Trump the “criminal-in-chief” (based on the fact that he is now a convicted felon) for one example. Or if he gets sentenced to some actual time in prison, he could be worthy of the titles of “Prisoner of the United States of America” or “President of Cell Block C”.

Good thing you didn’t suggest a magazine. He might enjoy that too much, given what we learned from Stormy Daniels’s testimony.


A lot of Republicans will hold their nose and vote for him.

So I’d say that reminding them (anyone not fully in the MAGA cult) that this “fear of a socialist autocracy” that they use as an excuse to vote for a felon and obvious madman is childish and obviously false-- we were all told Obama was gong to be some kind of Maoist dictator and he wasn’t (more than a decade of Obamacare and still no “death panels.”) Decades ago they warned that Medicare would lead to communism, before that Social Security would lead to communism. The ultra-wealthy don’t want to pay a tiny fraction more in taxes, so they scare you with socialist bogey-man hand-puppets.

Carrying around a list of all the scare-stories Fox news propagated that never panned out, would be pretty handy.


3 months ago, every Democrat talking to the press had a list of everything Biden has accomplished for everyday Americans in terms of the economy and the job market. They practically rolled off their tongues. But I haven’t heard any of them push that in the past month. Ridiculing Trump and making him flustered feels good, but that strategy lost in 2016. It persuaded Dems to take him less seriously. We need to explain - repeatedly and consistently - not only WHAT Biden’s White House did, but WHY it worked - and why Trump’s economic activities only made things worse, Basically, every Republican voter (and most Democrats) needs an unending middle-school civics refresher about how government actually is supposed to operate. We should also make clear distinctions between Republicans and MAGA voters. Deliberately insulting the voters we’re trying to attract can’t help us. It’s also worth spreading the credit for the good things around, because many would tune out by any implication that “Biden did it all.”


I agree. There is no simple solution. We reached this point because the Nazi offered “simple” solution or commonly known as “final solution.” Somehow, that’s their solution for everything and we know how it turned out last time.


There should be more of this, no doubt. That doesn’t mean they can’t also mock the convicted felon and adjudicated rapist and call him a deranged narcissist leading a fascist pack of dedicated followers.

Only certain Dems, specifically members of the Dem establishment leadership and a Dem nominee already prone to smug complacency. They campaigned (or more precisely neglected to campaign) accordingly and lost. In 2020 Biden didn’t do that, but he still made fun of the big man-baby.

Condescension won’t work, especially with the “you think yer better than me with yer fancy book learnin’” crowd that wants the government to operate more like Russia’s. It’s a waste of time.

The Dems aren’t going to attract any conservatives to actually vote for Biden. The goal here is to get the more moderate and centrist moneyCons and neoCons to stay home on election day rather than vote for a dangerous clown who won’t benefit them financially.




It would need to be on microfiche.



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