I can't wait for Kellyanne Conway to spin the latest accusations of sexual abuse by Trump

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“Sure, Trump shouldn’t have committed rape, sexual assault, or ritualistically murdered those homeless people as a sacrifice to the dark lord Moloch, but on the other hand, Hillary wants to raise taxes on the wealthy! She’s just evil.”


I don’t think you can blame Conway. She has the worst job in America. Even if she loved Trump, she’s going to hate his guts by November.


I think you can see how it will be taken based on Jerry Falwell Jr’s reaction:

Some will say they don’t believe it at all. Some will say even if he did, he’s a different person now. Some will say even if he is the same person, Hillary Clinton smells like sulfur and, like Beelzebub, is a bringer of flies and destruction, so it’s an easy choice for them.


Popcorn futures are up


Please drop the “raped a 13 year old” thing until it’s more believable than the rape allegations against Bill Clinton.

It’s from a publicist known as “Al Taylor”, who has a string of lying allegations against celebrities behind him, and who attempted to sell the tape of the alleged rape victim’s statement.

(To be clear, I think Trump is a lying, cheating, sack of shit who would run the country into the ground. And I think both his and Clinton’s rape cases should have their run at the justice system before we get too excited over them.)


She’ll be leaving the campaign shortly. She had already tipped her hand in interviews that she might not stay after this weekend.

But she’s signed an a nondisclosure agreement - so they may just have her fade away without mention & she’ll be unavailable.


Well, I’m thinking she could take a different job.


Right now Ted Cruz is thinking “why couldn’t we have found out about this stuff last year, before the debates?”

I imagine the conspiracy-minded could say “it’s a plot, the liberal media was sitting on all this until right before the election”, but A.) don’t forget that Fox News was pretty anti-Trump early on, surely they could have reported it, and B.) knowing what his fans are like, Trump still might’ve won the nomination.


That’s exactly what Trump’s people are currently saying. Along with responding to any questions with “but, why don’t you want to talk about the Clinton thing we want to talk about??” (which might be a point, if they didn’t keep saying it just after the other issue had already been covered)


The nice irony here is that Trump’s supporters think Clinton is bad because she once defended a suspect accused of the rape of a minor. Apparently, those accused of rape are not due their right to legal representation per the 6th Amendment of the Constitution. Will they also say that Trump, therefore, does not deserve a day in court or the services of a lawyer? Trump, who called for the execution of the “Central Park 5” and still insists they are guilty?


Fucking psychopaths.


I heard a female Trump supporter on On Point say these women were asking for/deserved this treatment. She also pointed out that it was better that Trump was grabbing women’s crotches rather than men’s.

I can’t remember her exact words, and frankly I don’t want to hear them again.



Didn’t Bill Clinton get combed over enough?

Remember this guy?

Republicans paid this guy millions to investigate the Clintons for everything from murder to rape to real estate scandals.

Years of investigation with a Congress all to eager to completely destroy Bill Clinton and all Ken Starr managed to find was a cigar placed somewhere it shouldn’t have been in a willing intern. If there was even the slightest merit to all the crazy conspiracy theories, don’t you think they’d have hung Bill Clinton from the gallows by now?


Yes, I always hear this from conservatives “the media is ignoring Benghazi and Hillary’s emails!”

Except it’s been in the news over and over again for a couple years now (and it’s not like the media ignored Bill Clinton’s dalliances either, that shit was on TV 24-7 for months back in the 90’s, when it was news.)


This is delicious:


I find this telling.


You never know the real backstory to these things, what actually “jogs someone’s memory” to go digging through old Access Hollywood footage, and how that somehow gets leaked from NBC to the Washington Post. I don’t believe in liberal media conspiracies, but it’s possible that the Clinton camp in some way orchestrated the timing. Otherwise, it was a happy accident.

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Probably the best segment of last week’s SNL What “Day Off” looks like to Kellyanne Conway.


Possible? Yeah. Possible. But stuff like that is fair game. It’s part of what makes our country great!

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