Kellyanne Conway investigated by cops over nude photo of teen daughter Claudia on Twitter

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I really, really hope that Claudia gets the therapy that she needs. Her mom may be a joke, but it is no laughing matter when a child is hurting.


Imagine how the Trump-worshipping Qanon freaks would react if someone on the left shared child pornography.


We’re seeing how they’d be acting. They’ve been saying and believing that the whole time. Remeber that guy who showed up at Comet pingpong with an AR ready to perpetrate a mass shooting?

They’re conspiracy theorists in a cult. The first, second and third rules of conspiracy cults is “proof of our wrongdoing is nothing short of proof that there’s a conspiracy against us.”

This kind of programming actively destroys people’s ability to think critically or be self-aware.


As I recall, she’s trying to get herself emancipated so she can get out of that toxic household (her father may have been opposed to Biff, but he’s still a conservative ideologue).


The most likely explanation is that Way of the Con’s account was hacked. But that still points to the offense of using Guilani-level security for the Cyber. And possessing child porn.


Why is that the most likely explanation? Maybe a demonstratively bad parent with poor decision-making skills made a bad decision in a truly horrible example of bad parenting.

Occam’s fucking razor.


It’s hard to keep up, and put the events in order. George Conway posted a TikTok video from Claudia at 8:06am Thursday morning in which Claudia said she is ok and she loves her mother.

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That does not explain how the hacker got access to that photo. If the photo was saved on Kellyanne’s phone, simply hacking the Twitter account would not have given access to the photo. Somebody would have had to hack Kellyanne’s cloud photo storage and Twitter account to pull that off (which still doesn’t explain why Kellyanne had such a photo on her phone). This seems a bit more complicated than the simplest explanation.


You would be hard pressed to find a more loathsome disgusting human trash, I give you Kellyanne Conway.


Her ex-Boss.

(Edit: which is just meant to show she sets a very low bar)


Yeah. It’s a dumb idea to give anyone related to trump the benefit of the doubt. Much more likely and safer to assume they intentionally are hurting people. Not accidentally. That’s their whole jam. The cruelty is the point.


I’m fairly certain we are witnessing emotional abuse. As @NotCheGuevara points out, it’s hard to figure out a timeline, and it’s hard to know what statements are coerced and which ones aren’t. It’s a weird, fucked up thing to see on social media. I hope she gets help.


I agree that Kellyanne is abusive and unfit to be a parent. I saw one of the videos where her mother is screaming at her like an animal, and also strikes Claudia. That seems like really good evidence that she’s not safe at home and needs to be emancipated. If her father isn’t willing to remove her from this situation himself (he hasn’t yet) I don’t see why he should have any say in whether she’s emancipated either.


I am going to have to bow out of this thread now. My expertise on this is… personal, and what you just reminded me of is both a little too close to home and a little too confirming of my worst worry about what might be going on here.

@LDoBe, no ill-will, I wandered in and commented of my own volition.


Huh, their family home is in Alpine? TIL. Odd boro. Lots of mansions, very little Mc about them. Chris Rock has a bit on it, iirc, as he lives (or lived) there a while.

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Child toplessness being posted to the internet is illegal in all 50 states. The mother posted child porn. That’s the offense here. Not the poor girl being topless. Claudia’s the victim. I hope you’re only just confused on that.


The entire family should get off social media, and get help.

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Social media seems to be one of the major ways that Claudia, the daughter, can reach out for help.


Claudia said she never shared that photo with anyone, so it seems the most likely explanation for Kellyanne coming into possession of the photo is that she was secretly snooping on her daughter’s phone.