Kellyanne Conway investigated by cops over nude photo of teen daughter Claudia on Twitter

Whats the legal situation about custody where the Conways live? In my jurisdiction a person of Claudia’s age could just leave home if they wanted to.

I couldn’t tell you that one.


Yeah, I really hope the kid has some support outside her immediate, screwed-up family that she can turn to because boy does she need it.

And apparently no longer around.

[Claudia] explained that her mother frequently takes her phone away and captures photos of its contents, which apparently included a topless photo that Claudia captured “months ago.”

“She took a picture of that, so that was on her phone and I guess she accidentally posted it or somebody hacked her,” Claudia said in the deleted video, which was reposted by others online.

Accident seems most likely, though the real issue isn’t so much how it got posted, but that KellyAnne had the photos at all. She was being both invasive and careless - at best.


Here’s the thing; if you find naked pix of your underaged kid on their phone, you take away the phone and delete all such images.

Then you have many serious conversations with that child, and maybe some therapy.

That’s what a responsible parent would do, anyway.

Nah, that fly can go ahead and “shoo.”


The problem is that most people doesn’t have any clue about privacy and nowadays a kid using a smartphone seems normal and obligatory, and is almost never used for regular calls.

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All healing to you.


Post withdrawn, I didn’t mean to minimize this or appear to minimize this


Well, I don’t want it. Give that maniac to somebody else.


I hope this family gets the help it needs. Kellyanne and George’s choices have put them all through the ringer these last five years.

But selfishly, I also hope they all just go the FUCK away. I’m tired of these people, all of the Trumpists and their adjacent damaged family members. Go be private citizens, go treat your family issues, go heal. Go AWAY.


Why is that the most likely? Personally, I consider the option that a parent already credibly accused of abuse engaged in further abusive behavior a much more likely option.


Oh, that’s not suspicious at all.


“Most likely”…? Which orifice did you yank THAT from?

Possible? OK, sure. Likely? Nah, not even close. Ockham’s Razor isn’t logically rigorous, of course, but some shaving needs to be done here. The only “accident” that seems likely, is accidentally including a photo she swiped off her daughter’s phone; NOT an improvement.



Maeby: Is there any way I can divorce them?

Barry: Oh, sure. It’s called emancipation. But you’ve got to prove that you’re living in an unstable environment.

Maeby: Both my parents are trying to have affairs. Of course they haven’t succeeded yet.

Barry: If they do, I could have you out of this house, on the street in a month.


Exactly! The fact that, in the most generous interpretation, K’s reaction was to make duplicate images to use later for…shaming? Blackmail? Who knows? That speaks volumes about her shitty parenting.
So vindictive.


The idea that Kellyanne’s account was hacked came from Claudia after this came out and after Claudia accused her mother of taking the photo to hold over her and posting it.

So you’ve got a victim of alleged abuse, changing an accusation after her abuser garners criticism.

I don’t think the changed story is the most likely one.


“An investigation is being conducted. No additional information can be released,” Belcolle said, noting that records regarding juveniles are not made public.

'Nuff said. Sounds like the investigators are the only people here behaving like adults. Or at least capable of SOUNDING like adults.


:thinking: I guess the cannibalistic pedophiles were in the White House all along.


She who lives by the camera…


My extensive research (I.e. two Google searches) shows Claudia is 16 & the NJ age of majority is 18. So she can’t legally walk away for two years, or unless she gets a court to declare her an emancipated minor (I.e. legally an adult despite a young age).

Alternatively she could try to get her parents to agree to let her stay with a relative or family friend (if any are trusted by all parties and willing to take that kind of responsibility). That would be a non-court solution.

Running away while illegal (and generally dangerous) is also an option.

Any of that could be something she isn’t willing to do though. Home may be f’ed up, but it is still home. One or both parents may be flawed to the point other think they are irredeemable, but it can be hard for a child to leave them (even a nearly adult child), and hard to stop loving them, and hard to hurt the way no just saying they are an unfit parent but by actually seeking another to parent in their place (or sealing to be unparented)


She has, in the past, announced that she is seeking emancipation.