Kellyanne Conyway quitting the White House; George Conway quitting The Lincoln Project

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Stay safe Claudia.

And on a personal note: my own son was having a terrible time at home at 15. At 18 he is living with me at the moment, but really, seriously, wants his own place next year.


A house divided is not good for anybody in the house.


When I try to imagine how that family can continue to coexist outside of the day jobs they’ve chosen for themselves the best analog I can come up with is those old “Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog” Loony Tunes cartoons. The two are civil—even friendly—in their off-work hours, but between the time they clock in every morning and clock out every afternoon it’s a no-holds-barred, explosives-laden murderfest.


Like that, but with none of the humor of the Merry Melodies, and with added detrimental effect that these two opportunistic muthafuckas have been helping wreak all this havoc for profit.

Unfuck the Conways; if their family is ‘unhappy,’ that’s the least they deserve, and I hope their kid gets her emancipation.


Oh no doubt, obviously a cartoon about animals that constantly try to kill each other in horrific acts of violence does not make for a happy healthy model for a real-life human family. “Dysfunctional” would seem to be an understatement.


Oh good, they’re going to go ‘spend more time with their family.’ …


How does their kid get to attend school remotely, while the kids in most states are being forced to physically go to their schools?


Captain Obvious Observation:

The thing about cartoon violence is there’s no actual consequences; no injury or death is ever permanent. None of the damage that’s caused is lasting.

Your metaphor is spot on for the mentality they must have to employ in order to rationalize their actions, but the reality is the damage these people have helped cause is very real.


The public dissolution of a family is an incredibly sad thing to witness. I vehemently disagree with the politics of the elder Conways, but for the sake of Claudia and the other children, I fervently hope they can weather this domestic storm.


I’m not convinced that Claudia will be better off if her family does stay together. It sounds like it’s been a terribly unhealthy environment for her to grow up in even before her parents publicly assumed leadership roles on opposite sides of a bitter war for the future of the country.

Some families are better off scattered to the winds. The Manson family, for example.


I’m not convinced this is a case where preserving the family unit is the best course for the children. Remember the mother in this case was an advocate/accomplice in family separations at the border. If their family is flying apart at least it was not forced on them as punitive treatment.


yep. i dont know what is happening in that particular family but having known a couple friends who have gotten divorced, i quickly realized that if a couple is agreeing to separate it’s probably for the better. If the kid is old enough to emancipate, and they feel the need to I’d totally support that too. I dunno. there’s probably exceptions to the rule but generally that has been my observation. forcing people to stay in an abusive relationship is not great.


Let’s not ever forget that they’re both truly horrible people.


“As millions of parents nationwide know, kids “doing school from home” requires a level of attention and vigilance that is as unusual as these times.”

As millions of parents nationwide don’t know from first-hand experience, if you are wealthy, you can just hire people to do all that messy raising the kids stuff for you. I feel that the kids are just a useful excuse for the Conways jumping ship. It makes me wonder what their actual reason is?


Not sure that’s true. More like “disagree on how to go about destroying the future of the country”. They are both awful people with awful opinions, they just disagree on methodology and how much of the quiet part should be said out loud.


I think of it kind of like World War II. Stalin was on the opposite side of the war as Hitler, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the Allies shared Stalin’s vision of what a post-war world should look like.


I accept that, since both of the people in your example committed genocides.


Meh. I don’t really care. Married couples fall apart for many reasons, and staying married for the “sake of the children” when you hate each other’s guts is only going to make things worse for everyone. But I fully believe Kellyanne and George are playing both sides of the same sinking ship and have been for years, there’s not really the sort of strife at home that we would imagine. She puffs up the bloviator in chief to keep the family at the center of power, and he rails against them so everyone thinks they’re fighting the good fight. Meanwhile, Claudia is apparently the only one with a moral center in the entire household, so of course now that the Trump ship appears to be going down, Kellyanne and George must rush home and instill “conservative values” on their wayward children (who are perfectly capable of doing their school work on their own of course).

Money, money, money. The rich can do what they want while they tell the rest of us to go die at work and school during a pandemic because it props up their stock values.


I guess… good for her?.. for getting her parents to care about anything more than they care about industrial-scale world-shittification.

Mostly it just sucks we’ve had to pay attention to C-list evil in the first place. I pray to Satan this is the last time anyone ever hears a single word about either of them.