Kellyanne Conway's husband on Trump: his words on immigration 'just drivel' with 'no comprehension'


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That has to be one of the weirdest marriages ever…


I think the Conway family is playing both sides so they don’t get ostracized by polite society after the whole Trump thing is over with.


Who’s to say his comments aren’t already orchestrated with her? Her shtick is being contrarian to reality. She needs people to fuel her fire. Who better than her husband to help her out.


It is the 2018 version of Mary Matalin and James Carville, I guess.


Apparently KellyAnn was also pretty anti-Trump before he got the nomination. However, she was on the anti-Clinton beat for way longer, and when Trump won she was happy to take his money to stay on the inside. It’s not like she actually has any integrity or anything like that. Her husband feels no compunction to hide his feelings, which is pretty funny.

Who knows, maybe they go on double dates with James Carvill and Mary Matalin.




“What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall during dinnertime at the Conway residence.”

I’d be willing to bet that you’d see something like a dinnertime at the Carville/Matalin residence: two utterly amoral goblins who view the political process as a team sport where everyone plays their part and goes home with their pockets full at the end of the day. They believe in nothing more than power as a means to an end for more power.


“But that would mean” is an ineffective argument to them. They pick and choose without any overarching principles.


Weird Popcorn Jesus has Deadpool tiny little hand.


his words are meaningless as long as it’s not “former husband”, he’s still sleeping with her and making her life comfortable otherwise


That’s what I looked like in the 70’s, before the military got to my hair & beard. And yes, I’m a fan of popcorn.


Yeah, but his nails look nice.


Your perception of size and scale seems skewed, my friend:



You want to witness 45 minutes of awkward silence, punctuated by the occasional “please pass the green beans”?


If that was all it was, it would wonderfully weird.

“Please pass the green beans."


“Please pass the green beans."


“Please pass the green beans."


“Please pass the green beans."


“Please pass the green beans."


“Please pass the green beans."



Somebody is gonna miss out on sexy times tonight!!


There’s a cynical part of me that thinks that the public dynamic is mutually beneficial, so why should it bother them. George probably has ten times the public reach as “Kellyanne’s husband who disagrees with her boss” than what he ever had pre-Trump.

It’s the WWE presidency. What if the Conways are just a Heel & a Face (which is which depends on perspective) and the actual substance of any disagreement isn’t really relevant to their relationship. At least one half of that relationship is always going to be employable, no matter how well or badly Trumpism fairs


It’s not just you.