Kellyanne Conway's husband criticizes Trump in tweet

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Kellyanne is executing that exit plan via her Hubby.


I think it morphed from constructive criticism into mockery when he added “sad” at the end of the tweet.

Also, a public forum like Twitter guarantees it will be picked up and amplified, whereas he could have found a way to give Trump the comment privately.

Wait, what am I saying?! Everyone in his administration has probably already told him to cut out the tweeting, and he doesn’t listen.


I love that tweet. It’s a “holy shit, he’s blowing up his own case!” kind of tweet. Everyone may have been trying to convince him not to tweet, and especially not about these things, to help advance his agenda, but it’s true - someone tells him not to do something, he can’t help but do it. He seems to be experiencing the “terrible twos,” that developmental stage when a child is constantly contrary. Apparently, after his national security advisors worked long and hard on his NATO speech, he cut significant sections of it - without telling them - and thereby changed its meaning. Everyone advised him to stay in the Paris Accords, so he left. This is Trump - he’s immune to the “adults in the room” trying to guide him.


I had no idea Kellyanne was married to Chris Christie.


Exactly. And there’s another interpretation. Conway wrote:

A physician refer to a patient as “pt” in writing. Maybe Conway knows something . . .


I’m pretty sure this marks the first time in history that a sitting President publicly complained about one of his own Executive Orders.


Early on it was reported that Trump’s advisors deliberately used their television time to talk directly to Trump because they know he watches the news fanatically. Given that history, it seems to me that this is Kelly Ann Conlady’s attempt to get Trump to hear the message that he has ignored in private.

Much like it was a loyalist in the whitehouse who leaked the story about trump spilling the beans to the russians.

And blamed someone else for MAKING HIM sign it.


But the source there is Eric Erickson, whose own record of mendacity, Trump-level stupidity, and personal fuckstickery casts some doubt on his claim to have information from an insider that supports his opinion.

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Chris Christie would never be in the position to criticize Trump for anything. It’s too difficult with his nose wedged firmly up Trump’s ass.

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