Melania Trump subtweets her husband on national television


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This would make an awesome tweetbot, replying to every trump/potus tweet with that quote.




It might be like a sublease, or subcontracting?

@Shuck: I see. If I was hip I would have known that. Darn you, BoingBoing!


I like the paragraph:

Trump vowed in November 2016 to make cyberbullying one of her top priorities if her husband, Donald, was elected to the presidency. She has yet to take significant steps to combat the issue.

That we know of. For all we know, she could have hid Donnie’s phone on a number of occasions, which would have made a good deal of progress on the issue.
Also, as if the two were contradictory. I mean, she very well could be making cyberbullying her top priority, just by speaking about it, what, twice? That just means she’s not actually doing anything else, which seems about right. (Very Trumpian, too - say, “We’re going to fix X” and then do nothing about it.)
Still, it’s really hard to overlook the “coincidence” that that’s the issue she decided to take to heart.

“(on Twitter) a post that refers to a particular user without directly mentioning them, typically as a form of furtive mockery or criticism.”


“It is important that as adults we take the lead and the responsibility in helping our children manage the many issues they are facing today. This means encouraging positive habits with social media and technology…”

Nauseatingly trite.


The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a tweet, is a good guy with a tweet?


From the image: In what universe is this “Breaking News”?



We are in Upside Down, remember?


Such a good point. She is so inert that it is entirely possible that speaking out twice about an issue is nothing short of an herculean effort by her standards.


Hey! All that shopping takes a toll!


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