"I'm the most bullied person in the world" claims woman who married giant orange bully


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When the pampered and privileged need more pampering and privilege, they call themselves victims.


Married to a man with zero redeeming qualities… no, I don’t feel sorry for her at all… she’s a big girl and makes her own decisions. No one should have any sympathy for her, cuz she wouldn’t give two flicks about you!


This. Trump has been calling himself a victim for years, now. The only people who believe him are the whiners who also call themselves victims, but aren’t.


“I am the most bullied person in the world” says the person who married one of the biggest bullies in the world. Hey, I think I know your problem, M.


Melania Trump doesn’t understand what bullying is, obviously. It’s hard to be bullied when you’re living at the top of the privilege and economic food chain.
People saying unpleasant or unkind things about you isn’t bullying; people saying threatening or intimidating things directly to you when you have no protection or recourse is bullying. Melania, you are never exposed to the second circumstance, only the first. Suck it up and get a look at the real world before you spout off again.


Yes dear; Jamal Khashoggi had it easy. /s


It didn’t occur to the reporter to ask exactly who is bullying her? Zero points for answers like “society.”




Granted, she’s talking about numbers of hecklers, not the degree to which she is bullied. Misrepresenting statistics is the family hobby.


The kind omission of that follow-up question, which would obviously tax her limited intellectual resources, is evidence that in reality she’s one of the least bullied people in the world.


Melania Trump is in an toxic, abusive relationship. She deserves our sympathy and perhaps our pity.


Ispanka must be happy the other First Lady is back in town.


And she has all kinds of resources to get out of it.

She could file for divorce tomorrow.

I know there’s a prenup, but she would have more book, television, and speaking offers than she could possibly fulfill.

She would not go hungry, never fail to have a roof over her head, and would enjoy a lifetime of Secret Service protection.


Melania was quite happy to promote birther conspiracies when Obama was President.

She’s a self-pitying gold digger who has made her bed (figuratively speaking), now she can sleep in it. I’d say she was two faced, but she’s on at least her third by now.


Well then, no sympathy for the abused.

She may be powerless.


That would have been good. I prefer, “Then why did you marry the world’s biggest bully?”, but any follow-up would be good.


No one breathing is the most bullied person in the world you fucking snowflake.


And lest we forget, she has the jacket to prove it.

Mmmm. The moon may be made of leprechaun farts, but I doubt that too.

IF she’s powerless, THEN I have some pity for her.

But if she’s being kept powerless by her own desire for fame and fortune, and is unwilling to release a single nickle or mention then I have none.

I do not know what journey she is on, or what trials she is facing… I do know what she shows the public, and it’s not a person that I pity.

I accept that’s a failing in me. I want to be wrong, but I also feel like …


I’m willing to cede that she is probably bullied and in the top couple of % of people on the planet for that. On the other hand I’m reasonably sure she sat in some of those stadiums where her husband led a crowd of people in derogatory chants directed at someone else, so she can fuck right off.