Melania leads low-effort battle against the cyber bullies


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Change starts at home. How about she handle her cyber-bullying husband before she starts telling us what to do.



I mean, low-effort is kinda her MO.

Although, I realize she is shooting for, “Effortless”.


Wants to end bullying? Why not start with Donald. That man has been a bully both on and offline his entire fucking life.


IDK maybe she’s confused and lost in translation.

Twitter Bully = Cvrkutati Buldožer

“Stop bulldozing peoples!”


How does she not collapse into a singularity of irony and hypocrisy when she says these things?


I’d love to see Melania fight cyberbullying by starting with the elephant in the room, but if the entire House GOP is afraid to stand up to him, it’s a bit unfair to expect Melania to. He’s a powerful bully, and she is, I think, also a victim of bullying.


Maybe because english is her second language and blackholes, singularities and other astrophysical/space time phenomena get lost in translation


My god, isn’t there ANYTHING else she could take on as her platform? Any other social issue? Anything her husband isn’t guilty of or trying to destroy? Err, um, does anything good fall outside the set of things her husband is trying to destroy?


Well, if she tried to take on spousal abuse her plea for help might be too obvious…


I dunno. I can barely fathom the effort it must take not to instinctively flinch away every time Trump extends a hand toward her in public.


Poor Mrs. Tee. She is physically unable to hear a musical or vocal sound with reference to its pitch, quality, and strength.

Luckily, her eyeballs are not sitting on her cheeks thanks to the vacuum in her head.


Even tiny, babylike hands can operate a phone; she needs to start early.

Like 3am…


Now I have this image of stooges, sycophants, and brainless admirers being drawn to and flailing about wildly in her accretion disk.


Now I’m imagining them getting stretched into atomically thin tubes of tRumpettes while being torn to shreds by the tidal force


Perhaps that’s what @thomasta meant about getting “lost in translation”.


Husband in name only, as he is President in name only.


Wait, does that make her a WINO?