Kellyanne Conway used to disapprove of Trump


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Why did she change her tune?


Money? Power? Fame?



She used to hate Drumpf. Now she hates herself. Progress?


Gotta love the realpolitik of it. It’s the free market at work and the selfish individual is making the right decision for only herself. It is the free movement of labour!

We all rationalize to ourselves the decisions we have made and I’m sure she is no different. I just can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to expose yourself to that much cognitive dissonance.


Lots of people used to disapprove of Comey.


I still disapprove of him but firing him really stinks of obstruction of justice.

Those two ideas can actually co-exist unlike what Conway is doing.


Kellyanne Conway will have such a weird post-Trump career. I imagine two paths:

  1. Her marketable status is boosted bigly. She has obviously proven that she will flip on a dime and go all-in on holding up her end of the deal the instant the check clears. She will have to market her instant and willing self-debasement as a positive trait, debasing herself further. Meanwhile, in an attic somewhere, a painting of a melting skeleton ages rapidly.

  2. She could fall victim to what happened (a little bit) to Johnnie Cochran-- By displaying a high level of skill in a temporary, high-profile venue, she’ll represent the best argument against hiring her in the future. Bringing her on would make you look like someone who needs Trump-level ‘alternative fact’ management. She becomes a pariah, loses her marbles, and her dried remains are found in a house full of cats.


There is absolutely nothing contradictory about believing both

  1. Comey badly mishandled the Clinton email investigation, pushing the balance of the election toward a Trump win
  2. Trump’s dismissal of Comey was an act of obstruction of justice that had nothing to do with Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation, which he explicitly praised several times


I like to imagine her taking second-career lessons from Tanya Harding.


This ^^^

Just noticed that @Brainspore said pretty much the same.


I only plagiarize the best ideas.


I still disapprove of him, even though it sucks that he got fired.


Same here.

I look forward to his chat with Congress tomorrow. I’m hoping he shames them into putting together an independent commission.


I believe Comey has announced he will not appear before the subcommittee. Or at least that’s what I read in the Washington Post on Saturday.


… 3. Federal Prison


Was that not later clarified to report he said he would only give testimony in public hearings?


“According to a close associate of Mr. Comey, he is willing to testify, but wants it to be in public.” NYT

"Why it matters: Those closed sessions routinely leak to the press, but if Comey has something to say, a public hearing will be harder for Trump to avoid or describe as “fake news.”" Axios


“I like to imagine her taking second-career lessons from Tanya Harding.”

I smell an SNL parody brewing.