SNL's Jake Tapper/KellyAnne Conway 'Fatal Attraction'

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I have to say that I do appreciate the way she contributes to the undeniable air of illegitimacy around Trump. Could not have done it better.


“You’re dog sick!”

that was not a subtle characterization - on mainstream (yeah, i know) media watched by millions and covered as news - how can she stay in her position when so aggressively ridiculed? - spicer too - and trump for that matter - rhetorical questions, i guess - more of that solid stuff melting into air

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SNL doesn’t make it’s videos available to anyone outside the states. When you share anything by them could you please find a non-official version to share?


Because she is performing for an audience of exactly one person. All the crazy ass shit she says isn’t designed to convince anyone. Its sole purpose is to make trump believe she’s really got his back no matter what. That she is his most loyal soldier who will fight for him any time, any where.

Once you recognize that, everything she does makes a helluva lot more sense. She’s the opposite of the little boy who pointed out that the emperror has no clothes. She’s busy telling the emperror that his suit of gold is the best suit in the entire world.


I imagine there are a core of really invested Trump supporters who find her . . . uh . . . daring? Or perhaps “authentic,” in a sobbing-televangelist-confessing-fellating-a-donkey sort of way.

My humble opinion but I find very little of what SNL does actually funny. It’s not skewering broadly observed trends, erecting silly incongruities or playing with norms. It’s just laughing at the clowns your tribe hates and congratulating yourself for doing it.

Did anyone notice how the sketch treats CNN like they actually deserve respect? What legitimate comedian thinks CNN isn’t worth making fun of? The sketch feels like it’s activly attempting to generate an image of CNN as a rational voice, treating the network like it have nothing to do with the bullshit national disgrace we are now all forced to choke down.

I don’t want comedy to be political as much as I want political comedy to be funny. I honestly worry about a culture where the mainstream image of what is funny is this sanitized. Comedians have treated the media as the life sucking shit show joke they are for decades. Now, during their worst hour they get represented as honestly trying to do a good job? WTF?!

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I must say, that sort of way is an unsettling sort of way, if ever there was one. I need no more sorts of way of that nature. None at all.

They are making fun of Trump and his goons. CNN is just a vehicle for that. There were times in the past where CNN was getting roasted. Just not now that there are bigger fish to fry.


You are wrong. It was funny. Objectively funny.

The sketch feels like it’s activly attempting to generate an image of CNN as a rational voice…

How’s that? CNN was on screen for five seconds, and its only purpose was a foil for Madame Frankenstein.


My apologies for putting that image in your head.

She’s not icky enough.

Yeah that was my big problem with the sketch, the actor playing Conway was far too likeable and charismatic.


Yeah. Welcome to the internet.

Not sure where you’re living, but YouTube has an SNL channel that airs the latest and “most popular” skits. What is popular by their standards mystifies me, because it seems you generally find more skits uploaded for each episode that hosts a white celebrity lately - I point out the recent episodes that featured Dave Chappelle and Aziz Ansari were rather scant.
In Tijuana, it’s hard to get around it even with a vpn, I think because the cable companies control regional access.

Americans have been aggressively ridiculing those in power basically for our entire history. If that were grounds for someone losing their job, we’d have no government.

Americans have been aggressively ridiculing those in power

yeah but, she’s relatively low down the food chain and that was really really aggressive ridicule - with the “alt facts” and the Ivanka advert and such, on balance, it has to be a drag even on a Jed Clampett-mobile like this administration