Griping about YouTube's DRM

Any chance you guys could start posting videos that can actually be seen outside of the US? You know, for the rest of the world to view since almost 40% of your readership is outside of the US?


Use this (select a US server)


Thanks, but that really isn’t the point. Why are they repeatedly providing links that only 60% of their readership can access?

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Because it’s really really hard (read: impossible) to test links when the viewer is in a different random country than the poster? Youtube in particular makes it very difficult to do that.

If you want to see the link, there are ways, as has been pointed out to you. I live in Belgium, and I have never failed to see a post that I really wanted to see. And I’m far from being a 'net magician.


I don’t know if there’s an easy way to see if a video is restricted or not?

There seems to be a way with the API, so maybe someone could whip up something that automagically provides a proxy link when a post is made?

Or use a browser extension?


Because there are no legal links that everyone can access.

I’m a Canadian, so I share your pain, but let’s face it, given how the market works with selling rights, you simply cannot provide legal links to mainstream media that are reachable anywhere.

And it’s not like these journalists are paid enough to spend hours scouring the internet for legal links for other countries. In the time it takes me to unsuccessfully click a link, they’ve probably had to submit 2 more stories for other web sites, and be a guest on a podcast.

At least now I know that someday, months from now, I might be able to watch a very funny sketch…


They should lower the subscription cost until nobody is disappointed


While I understand that it’s tangential to the wider complaint, I note that the youtube’d SNL skit in the original post currently plays in the UK, so either they’ve loosened the access from US-only, or the region address in place is really weird.

(Edit: And with heavy irony, the proxy server doesn’t seem to be working for me, though that’s again tangential to that general point.)

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