John Oliver is here to remind you that things, as always, are not OK


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IME only with a VPN.



I always get “this video is not available,” instead of “this video is not available in your country.” Sending out those extra 16 bytes is evidently just too much bandwidth for Youtube to afford.


Huh. I get, the uploader has not made this video available in your country.


I guess Bytes are so much more expensive in Canada. I blame Rogers and Bell.


Or with a quick search on YouTube for alternatives


Oh, you mean those crap vids where there’s a half-sized picture?


Well I enjoyed it.


A really great close from Oliver. Again.


No. Literally the first one in my search list was perfectly good.

I guess YMMV…


It’s how the uploaders keep Youtube’s robots from flagging them for copyright violation. I think.

Since TPTB don’t think Canadians should be allowed to watch the show on Youtube, I just download it from Pirate Bay. Content restrictions: not actually as good an idea as the media industry think they are.


I so dont get region locking of videos like this, it will be on the TV in the uk in a couple days, or you can just vpn it, its not like this stops any one from seeing it who actually wants to…


Pretty shit mileage when you get there after the takedowns.




Man, I wish that reality tv show wasn’t so big so I could ignore it.

Let’s all hope it gets canceled soon.


The problem is it costs money to move bits “up”, because I can see the video in Mexico.


Professional Pessimist pandering to a pessimistic audience for profit.


You must not have watched all the way to the “up” ending.


I do love the irony of boingboing, a strong advocate against DRM, geoblocking and such, posting a link to a video featuring geoblocking.


I’ve heard that about immigrants, they get the job done