For the New York Times, on a very special day


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I saw a Pogeybait and that Maakies bird on his desk!

They tried it.

It worked.

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“Blocked from your country due to copyright grounds.” jerks :frowning:

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sigh. blocked in my country (canada).

can you imagine if people decided that links to their web pages should only work if you were visiting from one of the countries they approved of? what a broken world wide web that would be.

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To Our Customers

As you may know, our Web site was unavailable for a period of time earlier today. The outage occurred within seconds of a scheduled maintenance update, which we believe was the cause. We are working on fully restoring service and apologize for any inconvenience.
— The New York Times

For those not in the know…


Hey Xeni, the whole world does not revolve around 'Murica - Want to let us know more about the joke you are trying to make so your international readers can find a video clip that everyone can watch?

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Here in the Netherlands the video-link works fine,
Have you tried turning it off and on again?

(sorry… couldn’t resist)


she also assumes that the NYT is relevant enough to our lives that we actually visited and noticed their servers were down. I mean, the western world revolves around the Times, just ask them!

Being 'Murrican, I could see the video (a tech sitcom catchphrase supercut,) so I inferred there was trouble with the NYT website. But if it weren’t for @OtherMichael I still wouldn’t know the specifics.

The IT Crowd is awesome, though.


Yup, big Woosh here, until it was explained. I don’t know how many months/years it’s been since I’ve been on that site.

Isn’t one of those paywalled sites? ick. no thank you.

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Presumably, if you pay for the New York Times, you believe that this particular news website is worth reading on a daily basis. When it’s not accessible, it’s highly annoying.

That’s how I felt when the IT Crowd episodes were only available in the UK. Thank God for Bittorrent.

I definitely can understand that. If you pay for something, you want access to it.
Netflix goes down occasionally but I can’t seem to remember it being mentioned on BoingBoing. Presumably, Netflix has a larger user base. I wonder why NYT gets a mention here?

Paywalled after 10 articles/month.

Unless you come in from a click on a search-engine.

Which means that if you search google for the article URL…

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