The Internet is breaking

Anyone else noticing how websites aren’t maintained (even the big boys)?

Major media non-functional is a nono, surely, but (UK based financial news) been like this for hours:

Are we heading into a post-global communication deadzone? Is it all just going to go bang?!

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The web site says “follow us for breaking news”. Maybe they had too many of the sort? :innocent:


Well you know, if one website goes down for a few hours, that’s surely the harbinger of doom.


Oh noes! Somebody must have googled “Google”!


Heh. Nah, I’m seeing stuff everywhere. Odd links on complex sites, product usage relating to other products, wrong shoe picture at checkout on Amazon.

It’s all too much!

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but but but, they say they are working hard!

I bet IT staff is working hard except for the one person who could fix this with one click and just went on holidays.

The bunny gets the pancakes!

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