Donald Trump Hates SNL Now


He was cool with it when he hosted it last season. Now, not so much.

Folks … this is not a man. This is an adult baby who can’t let anything go.



Yeah, SNL is part of a media conspiracy against you, Trump. Sure, they have had unflattering portrayals of all the other candidates, including Clinton… but, no, it’s all about you.

On the bright side, Trump would make an excellent case study on how difficult it can be to actually pull of the old saw about “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”.


I can’t help but read that tweet in Alec Baldwin’s voice


I really hope Alec Baldwin Trump whines about SNL on SNL soon.


Even though they let him HOST THE SHOW during the primary season last year.


He also complains about CNN despite CNN having hired Cory Lewandowski and regularly airing him spouting Trump propaganda. He’s the purest embodiment of white male billionaire privilege.


I wonder how many folks will go, oh yeah, SNL sucks now cause Trump said so…

The fact that Alec Baldwin did him is enough to make me giggle by itself.



I like it when he cries.


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