Cool collection of public domain movies in an attractive user interface

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Nice! Killer Shrews is fun. And stars a young James Best (Roscoe P Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazzard)!

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Nothing makes me feel older than seeing that movies I watched at the drive-in as a kid are now in public domain. Loved Killer Shrews.

Killer Shrews is hilarious. I just caught it his morning on TCM. Many of the movies on Voleflix are on Youtube, by the way.

I’ve been working on scripts to create m3u playlists for some video sites (well not really working hard) like youtube and I want to pretty them up with some thumbnails and more descriptive tags someday when I’m really really bored.

RSS feeds seem like the easiest things to scrape…

As someone who enjoys movies like the pictured The Killer Shrews I wouldn’t recommend it to others as it is just boring.

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