Nice share / post etc badges

I just got a nice share for this

Which is odd as there are no links in my post.

Also it seems like I get multiple nice post notifications sometimes.

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You linked to it. That’s where the badge came from. :slight_smile:


which is dog old and it should show that post…

eta : and that isn’t even showing up for the top links in that thread.


I’m not gonna even pretend to know how it works under the hood* but maybe there’s something like a bot or search engine crawling the archives that triggers a hit on the link when it pre-fetches it or something? Something that might not count as a click, so wouldn’t show up on the counter or top links.



*My money’s on tiny demons powered by magic smoke


My theory is the BBS is hopelessly broken, otherwise why is it that I can’t see all the hundreds of :heart:'s I’m sure everybody’s giving me on every single comment I make?
You’d think I wasn’t popular around here.


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