"Nice Share" Badge Link goes to Wrong (Someone Else's) Post

Link points to this post:

I don’t appear to have a post in that thread.

The Badge would presumably have been for this one in the Lounge that got 10 likes overnight, but that should be a “Nice Reply” instead of a “Nice Share”:


eta - @codinghorror and team - I linked two BBS articles in this post. The first one previews like a wiki link, and the other just looks like a link.


maybe the second doesn’t preview because it goes to the Lounge? while the first is in Meta category, so is open to the public to see?

IIRC I posted the same thing once about receiving a Nice Share badge, and it was explained to me but I have forgotten the explanation. I found it counter-intuitive. I have recently been thinking of asking that it be clarified. Glad you have brought it up.


I’ve been confused by this before myself. You got the nice share for linking to the post from “.gif Bank for the BBS”:

When you earn the badge, it shows the post you linked to, not your post. I assume the idea is that the original post is what you are “sharing” by creating the link.


Whoah, you could be right.

Still doesn’t explain why I didn’t get a Nice Reply Badge for the Lounge post at just the same time this happened.

And I’m still not sure the Share numbers add up right, unless there’s a clickable thing here that isn’t showing the numbers they usually do.

I don’t think any of the posts in the lounge category contribute to stats. If you go to the post in the Hillary Clinton thread, your link to the .gif thread is listed right below the post.


Correct. You got a badge for a link that others followed. Sharing means, sharing a link to the content. Ideally with


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