Cool-looking DIY synth

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Very cool. Here’s my ghetto synth type thing:


That is super cool. I’ve wanted a modular system for sometime but couldn’t really justify the cost.


This is exactly what I started doing, right up to the wooden faceplates with photo transfer labeling. However, the first two modules (the schematics of which I got from the same place as him) didn’t work as intended right away, and so they’ve been sitting in a box until I get the motivation to fix them.

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Very cool, but the video explanation is way over my head.

I wouldn’t let the description put you off. If you’re interested in this stuff I would recommend watching a heap of videos around modular and analogue synths without trying to grasp all the concepts and after a while some of the terminology will start to settle.

He mentions ‘Look Mum No Computer’ who is a blast. Would also thoroughly recommend looking up Junkie XL as well.


Thanks, but the problem is I’m too old and I seriously think my brain is starting to fail. I was a math major so at one point I might have been able to do this.

All good. Not sure what is too old, 56 here and just starting to get back into this stuff. All I can say is give it a shot!

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