Cool mechanical model of a shell game con artist

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  • flip over all three cups
  • ask him to use a ball you supply
  • ask him to show you his empty hands
  • ask him to let you turn over the cup with the ball
  • tell him you’ll give him a fifty if he tells you which cup the ball is under and lets you flip it

It’s far more serious than consumer fraud.

The offences are.

  1. Section 2, 2006 Fraud act. Fraud by misrepresentation.

  2. Consipiracy to commit fraud.

  3. Theft - they are also dipping.

  4. Offences against the gambling act.

  5. Immigration offences. You have to be looking for work, not committing crimes.

On top, the Police tell me that they operate a shop lift to order fraud during the week when its more lucrative.

So if you total up the offences, apply the CPS guidelines, and check the appropriate maximum sentence, its 10 years in jail.

That’s without the money laundering, receiving stolen goods, and passing forged notes.

All next to the number 2 on the ISIS/Daesh hit list’s bedroom.

It’s so hard to make a living crafting wood automata these days much less stay out of prison.


I always enjoy seeing automata posts here. That is a really fun hand-cranked automaton @frauenfelder, thanks!

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