Cool things worth checking out: Kooba/Menu reader/Workshop tip

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The “kooba” link doesn’t work, and if I Google it I just get handbags.

For people who don’t measure lengths in US currency, the standard thickness of a US quarter is .069 inches or 1.75mm, so this the magnifier is .414 inches or 10.5mm thick. Pocketable, but pretty chunky.

I signed up for Recomendo some time ago, but have never received any emails. Also, can confirm: Kooba on Google results in handbags.

If there’s trouble with a menu - I just hold my phone over and increase the pic size if needed. I’m already carrying it anyway.

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Same problem - Kooba doesn’t seem to exist. :frowning:

I run a magnifier app. With the phone’s illumination LED, it does everything a standalone magnifier would do.


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