Coop's tribute to Randotti Skulls, from the golden age of Haunted Mansion merchandise

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From the 1950s until the 1980s, Randy and Dotti Smith supplied a line of fantastic cast sculptures sold in Disney theme-park gift shops, especially a line of skulls sold in shops associated with the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean rides; these Randotti skulls haven’t been sold in decades, you can still find used ones (at high prices) online, as Boing Boing pal and fabulous illustrator Coop discovered when he sourced an impressive collection of Randotti sculpts.


These are fantastic; I envy his Randotti collection!


Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford!) has a Randotti skull hanging from his rear-view mirror in American Graffiti. The only place I’ve ever seen one in the wild…

Been wanting one of these for years, and Cory’s post was the final nudge I needed. I just pulled the trigger on a Randotti #817 (the canonical Randotti that Coop’s illustrations seem to be based on), circa late-1970’s. Still glows, apparently!

My new acquisition! Sooo much more impressive in person than I expected…

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