Human skull found in Florida thrift store's Halloween section

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That’s very spooky.
I one had a Kilgore educational skull that was from an oral surgeon’s estate sale. The company catalog included in the carrying case was way more creepy than the skull.


Back in the 80s, my late art instructor had a human skull in the supply cabinet. The creepy part was there was a small hole in the base of the skull and a larger one in the cranium, as if someone had been shot in the back of the head. :scream:


Obviously obtaining consent prior to death is paramount, but I’ll bet that there are a fair number of people out there who would prefer to have their remains used as part of a Halloween display rather than be disposed of more conventionally. People love Halloween these days.

We had a whole skeleton in my high school drawing class in the 90’s.

The reason was simple: Real skeletons from cadavers were (and maybe still are?) cheaper than replicas.

Yeah, but this wasn’t even a bleached and/or sanitized medical cadaver skeleton. This was a gift from a doctor back somewhere in the 50s perhaps. I still don’t know the whole backstory.

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