Cop fired and charged with assault after ripping mask off man filming traffic stop

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When I read that a cop was fired for assaulting a person by yanking off their mask, I knew the person had to have been white. I mean they sure don’t fire cops for assaulting people of color, even when that assault leads to death.


this is a start.


I live close and work very close to where this occurred and I’m pretty sure being an authortarian dickhead is a requirement for being assigned there.

I’m not sure they appreicate how much downtown Nashville has changed. 20 years ago it was a ghost town after 8pm except for drunks (bums and clubbers) especially around the capital (where this happened) and they could get away with acting like this so they got used to it. But these days there are 1000’s of people living downtown (it’s an awesome place) and it looks like they’ve noticed and aren’t going to put up with their shit.


Cop wants the guy to give him Covid,


Or perhaps he was hoping he’d kiss him.


How many bodies in this cop’s basement you figure?


Seems like more cops have been fired and charged for assholery this year than all of the past. Yet they still keep jumping on the unemployment train.


If only there was somebody he could have called to protect and serve him.


Does Hallmark have a card for cops caught and punished for their asshole behavior? Maybe with Bart Simpson laughing, Maybe sympathy for being astoundingly stupid and hateful or congratulations for needing to start a new career at 52. The shame is that in a few weeks the pig fairy will show up and wipe his record clear so he gets his retirement reinstated and a job offer of some kind.


Well at least this former officer stayed off the grass…


Of course, because they’ll generally get hired one jurisdiction over with virtually no loss of time. Bad cops just get rehired and rehired and rehired…Meanwhile, the cops who stand up to bad cops? They get put on no hire lists.


Yeah, that does seem to be the one sure-fire way of getting fired and not re-hired anywhere. I get annoyed with people suggesting that the way to do police reform is to get good people to apply for the jobs - as if they wouldn’t get immediately pushed out for being good cops (assuming they weren’t just crushed/corrupted by the system).


Why can’t we have video of the arrest? I want to see “these people” (his own words in the video) taken down a notch and realising that their actions have consequences.


…if they survive.


The dilemma is this: Personalities who are attracted to wearing a badge and a uniform and carrying a weapon and handcuffs claim that they do it to protect and serve, because it makes them feel better about what they really like to do, and that is demand that we all “Respect my authoritah”. They are (many, not all) petty tyrants who demand that we respect them, not for their integrity, but for their ultimate power over us.

This problem will never be solved as long as bad cops are protected by their “brothers”. Mandatory body cams for all would be a step in the right direction. Removal of the trappings of militarism would be another. Automatic dismissal after review by citizen boards would be another step. A publicly available national database of fired cops would be another.


Besides the social issue and I know it’s only a 'sideline theater’s in this, but Officer Briggs was tasked to guard the capitol, right?

How long did he leave his post and guard unattended just to follow his little personal endeavor?

There was no immediate threat so leaving post just to ‘educate’ (or as others would call it ‘harrass’) people was not professional as far as I would guess.


Aaaand if this had not be caught on film, nothing would have happened to that officer. Always remember these things are never isolated incidents. It’s the latest in a pattern of behavior. That cop goes around bullying people his whole career, but now it’s 2020 and the world is watching.

It has to be said also that ripping the guy’s mask off only endangered himself. Covidiots always seem to miss the point that everyone else’s mask is protecting you.


I am reminded that when I was in high school, I took a survey to try and figure out what I would like to do for a living. (Unsurprisingly, it turned out that there were NO cases where my responses were highly correlated with people that worked in the field. I was not particularly interested in doing anything people would pay me to do.) It was interesting to note that my responses were significantly better correlated with female police officers than male officers. Which makes me think that more women in law enforcement would be a good start.

Yeah, I wonder whether you get assigned as a gate guard for the capital building BECAUSE you don’t get along with other people and that is potentially where you are less likely to cause real problems. I mean the troopers that had actually pulled the guy over didn’t seem particularly concerned (and not at all “impeded”)by the fact that they were being filmed.


This is what happens to decent cops -