Cop on leave after bystander films him using racial slur

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“We (in law enforcement) are held to a higher standard,” Marino said.




One would think that the ubiquitous presence of video cameras would deter racist arseholes from opening themselves up to consequences for unacceptable behaviour; one would be wrong, especially when it comes to a bigot who feels protected by a uniform and badge and a powerful union.


The embedded video is only the second one, which doesn’t show the officer saying the n-word. The first video shows it.


He makes the “mistake” of confusing “what should be true” with “what is true,” which is to say, as someone cop-adjacent, he’s trying to confuse everyone else into thinking that’s the case. Which is weird because everyone else damn well knows cops are held to a lesser standard than anyone else. That if your average employee uses the n-word while on the job, they’re going to get fired. Which cops never are, for that. On top of which, he’s not identifying himself, which his city probably requires in that situation. Which makes a farce of the system making a big show about “doing something” with the situation - we all know a racist cop will stay on the force, unequally applying the law (and abuse of his power).

Now that cops carry cameras around full-time on the job, they’ve gotten used to the presence of cameras whose recordings are never used against them.


Damn. How dumb do you have to be to be a cop in that town?

Just because a Black person uses that word (without the hard-r) when talking to you doesn’t mean you can use it back, particularly if you’re white and especially if you’re a police officer. It’s unprofessional to say the least.

Literally anyone else with a public-facing job will tell you part of the job is remaining professional in the face of disrespect, and it’s not necessarily even disrespect if a POC uses that word. It’s whatever.


Ah yes, the “higher standard” of not using the N-word.
And a need for sensitivity training, to be more sensitive of not using the N-word. Right.


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