Cincinnati police officer uses N-word in racist tirade at Black high school, caught on camera

Originally published at: Cincinnati police officer uses N-word in racist tirade at Black high school, caught on camera | Boing Boing


Very good that she got caught, but none of the articles I can find explain why her superiors were reviewing her body cam footage in the first place. Was there a citizen complaint? Random audit? Were her supervisors keeping a close eye on her because of her past behavior? I’m kinda hoping that there’s a new, better police chief who came in sometime after the earlier stuff was officially “resolved” and is looking for any new justification to get rid of her, but we’re probably not that lucky.

In addition to the racism she’s obviously had longstanding rage issues. The article didn’t even mention this incident:

She should have been fired (and jailed) years ago. Hopefully this time finally does it.


Like most bureaucratic institutions, police departments are run by risk-averse administrators. Until the risk of keeping someone like this around becomes greater than the risk of firing them, these things will continue.


As always. ACAB. No exceptions


I’m surprised she didn’t mention video games. You have to get video games in there somewhere.

The department commending her to do “great work” and her having racist views may be revealing a lot about what’s considered a normal behavior by the organization.


Isolated incident my ass. I knew someone who worked in the IT department for the police. He would use the slur and complain of “them” moving into his neighborhoods. Sadly from my time living in Cincinnati running into racists was not rare or isolated.


This sounds like just the sort of rage monster you want rampaging around with a gun and a badge.


With just a couple of changes to the above, that applies also to the relationship twixt FAA, airlines, and aircraft makers.


“That’s not who I am,” is often said by people who keep showing you exactly who they are.


I really want to know what causes some (mostly but not always white, also Hispanic and Asian) people to go into these kind of tirades specifically against Black people. The cop you’d kind of expect it, but I have observed this kind of thing from the most unexpected individuals.

I’m talking about people I personally know who are otherwise progressive/liberal/lean left/vote blue/not all straight cis-males, etc… as in the last person you would expect to be racist but BOOM, there’s the n-word and a whole lot of other shit at the mere sight of a Black man on the street.

What gives?

Because we are steeped in a culture that was in part built on racism.


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