Austin cops investigated for violence, racist remarks against black teacher

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Uh, “I’m rubber, you’re glue?”


I’m trying to think of an appropriate analogy. “Pot and kettle” doesn’t quite fit.

Got it. This is the telegraph calling the flip-phone “old-fashioned.”


That’s some mighty high-level projection in that paragraph.


And of course it will go to a grand jury, where police have a what? 2% risk of being convicted?
Grand juries have acquitted cops who have been caught on tape beating shackled prisoners to death.


It’s Travis County and APD. So, Austin. Not Dallas. That’s a city roughy 3.5 hours north of here on the highway.


This is a Public Safety issue. She showed inadequate deference to Law Enforcement. The cop had no choice but to rough her up and arrest her, lest her attitude catch on. Remember, Freedom has limits. There’s a Thin Blue Line you shouldn’t make cross.


A correction: This occurred in Austin, TX, not Dallas

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And that is why many people fear cops. Though one could rationalize that both views are biases over emphasizing the smaller set of data.

Also does this qualify as “Keep Austin Weird”?


Branching out I see. Is the Dispatches site too small to contain your talents Modus?

Meanwhile, I understand Dallas is making great strides in stopping this kind of thing.

I was here before there even was a there there.

Sure, but it still took them all Summer to figure out who shot JR, even though it was pretty obviously Kristin.


This is horrible.


Some of these fellas seem to be quite cross, as is


“As she was sitting in the back of a patrol car on the way to jail, Richter’s partner explained to the woman that it was necessary to throw her to the ground and handcuff her because black people have “violent tendencies.””

Isn’t it ironic?
It’s like rain on your wedding day.
It’s following orders and getting punched in the face…

It’s not even happenstance, it’s the APD. I’ve lived there long enough to know. If you’re not white and /or affluent, you’d better kowtow, or you’ll be forced to.


I have a simple suggestion - almost a modest proposal.

Black professionals worried about being shot or beaten up by US police should emigrate to the UK, where (though we’re not perfect) your chances of avoiding problems are much greater. We have exciting, multicultural cities like Bristol, but you’d be sure to find somewhere to fit in, whether in our NHS, our educational system or elsewhere. Your various US accents will be most comprehensible in the South-West, but have no fear, we’re one of the more progressive parts of the UK.

In exchange we can offer places like Texas a supply of millions of white racists who want to be as far away from Europe as possible and will fit right in with your community values*. As they think that in the UK foreigners are stealing their jobs, I’m sure that they will be delighted to find jobs in your excellent fruit picking, fast food and private prison industries.

After the swap we can have a new referendum and forget this leave the EU nonsense, and the number of attacks on black Americans by police will be reduced, so it’s a win-win.

*Like the Pilgrim Fathers though with less religious bigotry - I expect they’ll learn that one soon enough.


This needs to be prosecuted as a criminal offense. This police office needs to be arrested, charged, suspended, indicted, fired, and tried. If convicted then sentenced appropriately. We can not stand for this. How can the victim and victims family return to their community knowing that there is a vicious attacker with police powers around them.


I don’t have high hopes for a conviction:

How about we do the opposite? We’ll take your smart fun people who are looking to expand and live in the world, you can take our isolationists who want to get away. I think they’d be thrilled to return to the homeland where English is the national language.

We’ll then get some proper healthcare and the smaller country of England can sink beneath the waves.

Hell, England could even make Trump a King, and isn’t being a useless figurehead all he and his people want?


Black people definitely have violent tendencies. Remember when they enslaved all of those white Europeans and brought them to America against their will as property? I can’t think of a more violent people.