Cop pulls over Google self-driving car, finds no driver to ticket

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Google Self Driving car was driving so slow because it was baked off its ass - we all know it


There is probably no current legislation to directly address it but i think the easiest course is to ticket the person directly overseeing the self-driving vehicle. Because obviously if the software erroneously makes the wrong driving choice the person in the car has to jump in and take action, so by proxy they are responsible for the car even if they are not directly controlling it.


You beat me to it!

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My understanding is that the Google self-driving car has no steering wheel, so the passenger may not be able to “jump in and take action.”


I’d be ok with it being the owner who got the ticket no matter who was in the car.

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So, if there was no violation, why pull it over in the first place?

A limit is just that, a limit. It isn’t a requirement. If people feel compelled to fuss about it then they should also decide upon an a minimum limit and post it. It’s not difficult.


Good thing the car was painted white or this could have ended so much worse.


I wish the cops would pull over the people who drive 25 in a 35 in my neighborhood.


Ironic twist ending: THE COP WAS ALSO A ROBOT.

(Cue Rod Serling voiceover, fade to credits)


Wrong! The answer is to shoot all the occupants.


That’s an interesting theory when applied to taxis. Who is responsible for the car; the passenger who merely hired it as a service (and who may not have expected a driverless car?) The dispatcher who merely sent it on its way? The CEO of the taxi company?

The rise of Uber makes this more complicated. While most taxi companies are strictly local, Uber is establishing a world-wide presence just as self-driving cars become practical. They’ll soon be able to replace most of the “private contractor” drivers with self-driving cars. A central dispatching and payment service could cover many cities, with local companies hired to service the vehicles.

Which means that the person designated to be “responsible” for the taxi in any accident, may not even be in the same country. And impossible to hold responsible.

40% of the world’s ship fleet (by tonnage) is registered in Panama, Liberia, and Marshall Islands. “Flags of convenience” are… convenient.


You just need this in the front seat:


Only way to be sure.

Why couldn’t they just ticket it for falsely impersonating an old-timey European police car?


Is there a minimum speed limit posted? What would you issue the ticket for? “Safe driving”?

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Being ticketed for going too slow is a real thing since it creates a dangerous driving condition that can cause accidents. This is usually more common on roads where the posted speed is higher than 30-35MPH


I’m not sure how it’ll be handled in the future when self-driving cars and taxis are more common. I presume driver’s insurance might have to adapt to the times because less people will be driving, so people might need to take insurance to use driverless cars and be protected from liability. However the question as to who ultimately assumes responsibility/liability is a good concern, i would assume that as long as the car has a steering wheel and the passenger has a way to control the car in the event of a problem then they can be responsible for the vehicle. But in cars where the passenger has no control… i don’t really know.

And probe the exhaust system.


The problem with the passenger having to take over in the event of an emergency is that they’d basically be having to watch the road the whole time while they weren’t driving just to see if they needed to take over. Accidents can happen before you have time to notice, much less react. The passenger might as well be driving if that’s the case.