Cop says he tased man because he "got into a power stance." Dashcam shows cop is a liar

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And yeah other than why is this officer not fired for misconduct? I got nothing… With all the video scrutiny today why are the departments hiring people like this? Why do they let them stay employed?


I’m afraid not good sir, you are confusing the smell of burning khakis and the smell of male cow feces. However, that being said, I can see how you would come to the conclusion you did. Burning khakis and bullshit do share many similar floral traits.

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Assault. If it is clear Words was not threatening, then simple assault charges.


At this point, we hardly need to see the dashcam before concluding the coproach is a liar. Aren’t they all? It’s safer to start from that assumption, until you see hard evidence to back them up.


Aggravated assault. The cop used a potentially lethal weapon on Words. That makes it Aggravated assault.


I’m aggravated at this pansy crap. It was attempted murder! And terism!!!

This video clearly has a lot of 000MPH!


Isn’t falsifying a police report a felony?


Then cops whine about why people hate them and they get no respect for “putting their lives on the line.”

“Bladed his body into a power stance?” Total BS. I have been training and teaching martial arts for over 40years and have never heard that term used to describe any legitimate martial arts position. The cop is not only a lying coward, he isn’t even a good liar. He has no business being a law enforcement officer.


We wish!

While I am often tempted to agree, I recently witnessed an officer bringing humour and empathy into an interaction with an incoherent and injured man who was far from cooperative.

I do believe he was white beneath the blood, but the officer showed patience and humanity beyond what most of us could muster.

There are unquestionably too many rancid shits in uniform, but it’s not 100% of the police.

Fuck, I’m always in a power stance…


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