'Dashcam shows cop is a liar' broken links


Mark’s bit about the cop tasing a man for complaining about being ticketed while being black has no comment thread because clicking on ‘comment’ just loops back to the /blog page. Meanwhile, there’s no link in the headline at all, so there’s no expansion of the cop’s ‘power stance’ bullshit.

I demand that Mark be arrested and tased for such lousy posting procedure, or at least sent to bed without any supper.


I was rather wondering what a ‘Power Stance’ is. Was the dark skinned dude about to to shout ‘By The Power of Greyskull!’


Power stance!

Though, “By the power of Greyskull!” works as a caption, too.


I’m confused. How did the pig know that Damian Words was parked illegally? I mean, you have to have a reason to arrest someone right? Did he go to the owner of the house, knock on the door and ask if Words wasn’t supposed to be parked there? On private property you can park however-the-fuck you damn well please as long as you’re off the street.

Looks to me like this pig is guilty of unlawful arrest and imprisonment, as well as aggravated assault with a weapon. Let’s see how long it takes for the county or town prosecutor to not indict a ham sandwich who’s pants are provably on fire from all the lying.


He is parked across the sidewalk… which is not private property. In most cities it’s illegal to park across a sidewalk. Also, some cities have laws about parking in lawns or “in ways other than the intended design”. Probably not the case here, just a cop on a power trip.


Is it a public sidewalk? Or one built by HOAs or whoever?

In anycase, the guy did nothing to warrant arrest, much less getting tazed. It’s a cop deciding to escalate the situation, robotically shout orders instead of listening to a single word the guy has to say, and deciding to arrest Words the moment Words complains, even a little.

This cop is a pig, whether or not Words was parked illegally, and needs to go to jail for his piggish insolence. Too bad he’ll most likely get to enjoy either a pension from the town where this happened plus a salary working as a pig somewhere else, or get to stay on the force without charges, or get early retirement with full benefits.

In anycase this pig will almost certainly not be punished for tasing a guy who wasn’t threatening him and parked incorrectly.

So, just generally, FUCK THA POLICE.


The explanation for why the officer tased Words doesn’t address why he was pointing a taser at Words in the first place. The offence, such as it is, shouldn’t require more than saying, “You’ll have to move your car, sir,” and then, maybe, a ticket if Words won’t move it. And in any case, given that Words is telling him why he’s parked in an inconvenient place, the least he should be doing as a human being is listening to him, and the least he should be doing as an officer is finding a solution that doesn’t end up with him using a weapon on someone who’s just being a slight inconvenience to passers-by at most.


The cop’s unwillingness to listen is the really scary thing here. If this is SOP, then it starts to make sense why gun nuts go out and buy sock pistols and assault weapons. Better to disable the robot than deal with the robot mistakenly identifying you as a gang member.

I mean, kinda sorta. I don’t mean do it. I mean, if the police are going to act like murderous killbots with no mind, it might make sense to treat them like murderous killbots with no mind.


I think I should make a macro for the following quote, which is from a British cop writing in another forum:

There was a constant theme of de-escalation and using your mouth to talk people into compliance, and understanding concepts like Betari’s Box (my attitude affects my behaviour which affects your attitude which affects your behaviour). There wasn’t really any divide between using offensive/defensive techniques and de-escalation, we were expected to try and start off by calming things down and stay talking throughout. They also stressed that it’s a lot better to start off at a low level and work up rather than come in high and then have to calm things down.

I’m tempted to speculate that bad US cops know all about Betari’s Box, and twist its model for their own malign purposes, but it’s probably no more than the common human fallacy of only being trained in one response, so if the application isn’t working then clearly you need to apply more of it.


“If he doesn’t comply after I yell ‘DO 5 MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE THINGS!’ 10 times, then I kill him. Anyone else would have killed him after yelling 6 times.”

That’s my idea of the police, from a lot of these videos. People who’s thought patterns are a lot like those typical of people abusing steroids.



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