Cop says photo of him saluting at KKK rally was "taken out of context"

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Typically “speaks for itself” means “provides its own obvious context”. But hey, claiming it’s just a rally against illegal immigration is a nice reminder of where so much concern over that actually comes from.


It looks like they are trying to grab the moon. Or an imaginary wad of cash in the sky. Or a better form of morality. Or perhaps a brain.


Recently this just means the cop thinks it’s ok because the rally was anti-semitic


“I was just standing there, trying to hail a cab, and this guy in a white hood comes up and stands next to me. I guess he was trying to hail a cab too. It’s a total misunderstanding”


So this guy shows up at a KKK rally, gets pics taken and posts em to Facebook or something and now he’s suing for wrongful termination? At the end of the segment the news anchor lists a bunch of places he used to be a peace officer at and says ‘leaving all those positions for different reasons’. Uh huh…

Golly we used to have this profession called journalism where folks would go ask questions, dig up records, find out the truth. This used to be a… oh wow did you see what Donald Trump just said! Wow! And those kittens in a shoe hanger hilarious! Kim K just tweedled support for Kanye’s 2020 Prez campaign! What were we talking about?

(edit - removed in his police uniform from top paragraph… he’s still a racist jackanapes)

(edit 2 - sounds like he may have been working for the FBI? and busting corrupt cops? well, that does put a whole new light on it. But I think we may not be hearing the whole story here. Probably never will.)


Looks like a Planet Fitness shirt. Which is weird, because they have like a “No Lunk” rule or something like that.

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It looks like the uniform matches these KKK marchers:


It does. He’s just hoping that his proud and willful ignorance will confuse people into thinking that the truth is anything but.


Those look like patches sewn onto a navy blue shirt. It’s too blurry to see what they are, but Klan symbols are typically red and white, like these patches.


Seriously, every asshat crypto-fascist who says “taken out of context” should be forced on the spot to define the word “context”. I’m sure they think it’s some magical phrase in latin that causes forgetfulness.


It’s not a police uniform. In other pictures one can see that it clearly has klan badges on it, and seems to be the “uniform” of a member of that klan group or something (I don’t know a lot about klan fashion). Many klan groups use black militaristic uniforms when not wearing the traditional white hoods.

Edit: Also seen in this pic is the Grand Wizard getting his face melted by a ray from the Ark of the Covenant. Hopefully.


thx was just editing to reflect that it wasn’t his police uniform


“What happened was Sir Mix-a-lot was playing, and I was throwing my hand in the air like I just don’t care, and this hooded guy stood next to me and start jammin’ out too. What racist would get down to Sir Mix-a-Lot?!”


Jedi Mind Trick, white supremacist edition.


“Accio Swastika!”


No, but they have the same red emblem on the left side of the chest as the KKK uniform, so if I had to guess…


How timely–I was just reading some articles by Jerry Thompson, a journalist who, in 1980, went undercover to infiltrate the Klan. He didn’t learn much–aside from the fact that most of the Klan members he met were incredibly disorganized. He also had high praise for the police who he believed were universally opposed to the Klan.

Obviously he didn’t infiltrate the organization deeply enough. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were Klan cops then too but that he just didn’t come into contact with them. I loved his light, funny daily columns on subjects like his rural childhood and his rural adulthood, but as far as real investigative journalism went he left a lot to be desired.


To his credit, he did provide a context. (That he thought the context would help is another issue.) Usually when folks say their words or actions were taken out of context, they either refuse to provide a context, or change the subject to the extent that it appears they think “context” means, “alternate universe in which it would make perfect sense.”


Man I hate groups like the KKK. Does this police department have rules against being a member of an outside organization or is it specifically the KKK?