COP27 is the first time the financial cost of climate change is on the agenda

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I’ll take it as encouraging news that world leaders are finally putting the thing that matters most to them on the official agenda. It’s definitely decades late and probably several billion dollars short, but progress.


The UK has also said it will not pay climate reparations.

However, there’s some quite interesting progress around South Africa’s just energy transition. Is it enough? No, and there’s clearly room for improvement. But I think it does show that G7 countries would prefer to invest in new projects - like wind farms/solar - than compensation for historic emissions.


Well, of course, because they can profit that way… the only thing that matters.


This is the thing that gives me hope. Business and governments are starting to acknowledge the liabilities of doing nothing, and are starting to recognize that the status quo is only cheap if you ignore the externalities. The only thing that moves these people is the knowledge that not moving will cost more in the long run.




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Cash payments are great and definitely should be on the agenda.

What would be really great is if the same countries were not, you know, talking about denying developing countries access to fertilizer as a climate change measure while restarting their coal plants and shutting down nuclear plants. Or talking about preventing construction or subsidization of waste-to-energy plants (including newer types with integrated carbon capture in the form of converting to solid activated carbon instead of CO2), thus ensuring that methane from landfills goes straight into the atmosphere, and traditional incinerators keep operating while producing no useful energy at all.

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