Crowdfunding a symposium on a green, postcapitalist economics in Brussels, Nov 11

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It’s much harder to take steps to improve society than to just complain about all the ways we’ve gone wrong. It’s inspiring that this is set up to circumvent our corporate controlled governments who don’t like this kind of discussion. Take my money!


Been looking for economists who are trying to figure out what happens after the cost of fuel goes away, when we have a 100% renewably powered energy system. Haven’t found any yet. USA, according to my estimates, spends about $661 billion per year on petroleum products, natural gas, and coal which we burn for power. The Communists at the International Monetary Fund estimate that the USA subsidizes such fossil foolishness at the rate of $649 billion per year. That’s about $1.2 trillion per year on putting carbon into the atmosphere to power our economy. What happens to that $1.2 trillion if we no longer need to burn it?

Would be a good question to examine at your postcapitalist economy symposium.

@doctorow how does one attend? been trying to google around to find out … should I just show up?!

edit: ah! I see now the crowd funder is the source of ticketing. the whole web presence around this is a little confusing.

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