Cops cancel "let us search your house for guns" program


What??? I have so many questions!

Should I make some snacks? Is it byob or should I get a keg? Do I tip them at the end of the search?


So, guys, I’m trying to think of a program that will cause maximum bad PR and involve as little chance of success, or even comprehensible possibility of success, as possible. What’ve you got for me?


Say what you will, but this particular police embarrassment didn’t involve someone dying. At least there’s that.


Really what they were thinking of was young drug dealers still living with mom and dad. Because you know parents are always happy to dime out their own children. But a friend who was a cop said that his saddest duty was evicting adult-age children at the request of their parents because they just couldn’t live with the drugs and the stealing that junior was engaging in.


If it’s evidence they hope to find, why not have a program where citizens can search the police station. That may result in much better results


Until the cops find drugs in the house and allege that it’s been used to sell drugs and then they use asset forfeiture laws to take the home from grandma even though she didn’t know her grandson had drugs on the property.

Yeah, trust the cops only as far as you can throw them, and they tend to shoot you if you try to throw them, so…


Well I can see one use for this program. Hide a few squirt guns around the place, in your best hiding places. The ones they don’t find? That’s where you put your stash from now on.


Do you have any proof of your assertions?


Heh. One of my dad’s old co-workers, this was.

Beloit, man. Some crazy ideas come out of my hometown.


It’s not my fault I don’t trust cops. I wasn’t raised to distrust them. That came with years of direct experience and knowledge from other sources that cops are by and large members of a social clique that is above the law. It’s certainly not my fault that the asset forfeiture system has been completely abused. Sorry, maybe they were being somehow genuine. How can I tell? Better safe than sorry. I personally avoid police whenever possible and would think twice about calling them for almost any reason. They are certainly not welcome to search my anything.


You definitely don’t want to be seen clenching your butt cheeks.

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Only if you’ve also opted for the cavity search. Though some might advise tipping before the end in that case.


Scared Straight programs don’t work, and the reason gangs exist is because areas of high crime exist. Contrary to popular belief, gangs are a response to violent crime and uncertainty more than they’re a cause. They’re psuedo-governmental, and often are in places where government infrastructure has broken down. There is an incentive towards stability for them, since they often engage in quasi-corporate activity. Police are usually outsiders who only ever seem to come into the community to kidnap the only people who are actively providing people in the community with protection and a sense of security. Police have a shitty habit of treating these neighborhoods like war zones. When people hear the police now want to search everyone’s house, they just become more opposed to the police.

It had nothing to do with truth, light, or rightness. It has everything to do with the fact that people who live in scary and unstable neighborhoods have learned that they cannot trust the police. This can’t possibly help.


When they had a gun buyback program here in the UK a while ago, kids were manically making all sorts of homemade weapons to sell to the police. Big earner, and you get to keep your real guns.


Wait, so are you playing the good cop or the bad cop? Or…both?

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Wait, all of whom should be what now?


Your rhetoric is excellent, but the dilemma you’re trying to construct is so absurd I don’t think anything could salvage it.

“Let us search your house for guns” or “abandon the rule of law entirely”? Really, those are the two choices available to us as a society? Well dang, I wish we had known that earlier, it could’ve saved everyone a whole lot of thinking.


With the level of insight you’re offering, I would guess you’re either speaking from personal experience because you are in some way associated with the department (which might explain why your account is 2 hours old) or you’re attributing the greatest amount of benefit of the doubt to a police department you know nothing about.

If you are associated with the department, then there’s no reason to trust your words due to your bias and if you are just speculating on the department’s motives in the most positive possible way, there’s also no reason to trust you.

I’m willing to consider other possibilities if you’d like to offer evidence to support your assertions, though since the program is dead, we’ll likely never truly know unless an internal email is leaked indicating the true motives of the department’s personnel.


Especially since tricking citizens into warrantless searches is pretty much already abandoning the rule of law.