Inept cops hold family at gunpoint thinking they robbed their own house


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So at no point did the police start to wonder why the burglars brought their 9-year-old daughter along for the crime?


My superb powers of deduction anticipated said family would be African American using only the scant information I gleaned from the headline. I disagree that the cops were “inept” though. They are rigorously adhering to the guidelines set forth in their training.


My thoughts exactly! Did the inept cops think he was a family-friendly burglar who brings a wife and four kids to crime scenes? Fools!


Because, you know, the dysfunction of the “urban” family.


That’s a completely different profile.


Officer Nofucksgiven makes it crystal clear for whom he actually works


“were pulled over after a neighbor reported seeing burglars at their house.”

So, the neighbor is sufficiently concerned about the house of a neighbor to call the cops, but can’t recognize that neighbor by sight? “I’m not sure if that family of burglars is the family that lives there, that I see practically every day. Better call the cops.”


Dave Chapelle actually has this as a bit in two stand up specials of his. Here’s the second time he did it, from his great Killin’ Them Softly standup


When the fuck are we going to fire racist asshole cops? Personally I think the police should be charged with false imprisonment here but that’s never going to happen.


I’d say move out of Gulfport but really I could see this happening just about anywhere in the US nowadays.


We’ll fire them when a critical mass of people gets tired of their bullshit or otherwise becomes convinced that they’re doing a bad job.

Don’t hold your breath.


Ah, Mississippi cops. I’d say “don’t ever change” but of course they already don’t ever change.


Clearly the 9-year-old is the mastermind of this dastardly gang. Cops became their own cliche long ago.


I always bring my young child along on my larcenous trips. They can get behind TVs quickly to unplug all those cables!

Maybe the cops thought it was Bring Your Family To Work Day in the criminal underworld. They’re not so sure when it is anymore after shutting down backpage.


When white people can see racism.



And people wonder “why was Colin kneeling again?”



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Mississippi Goddman