Man under suspicion for babysitting while black


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Georgia. That is all.


This flavor of balloneyshit is nation-wide.

I hereby christen this 911 caller Babysitter Barbara.


“Man under suspicion for babysitting while back”
(proof)reading is fundamental




Man under suspicion for babysitting while back

Methinks you missed an L, Mark.

That said, some folks genuinely seem to think that existing while Black is a crime.



Look what you did! You awoken the Spelling & Grammar Po Po!

For the love of DOG, get that L back in BLACK!

PS. Many thanks to you good Sir.


Suddenly I have a craving for baby back ribs…


I’m pretty sure it’s the double threat here – had this person been babysitting white children while being black and female I doubt any notice would have been taken at all.


You misspelled Cobb.


I can spell a word five different ways.

Samuel Clemens


I blame the cops. Why do they even respond? If anything they should show up and make sure this weirdo maintains a safe distance from the babysitter and kids.


Everyone…hold up…let’s focus on the real crime being committed here.

Some white folks have actual black friends whom they trust to watch their kids. I mean WTF IS THAT?!? /s


Actually…they do need to show up. and I am glad they do respond to stuff like this.


Police have to deal with frivolous calls all the time. That this whack-job gets believed, to the point of them making the enquiry… sure, no crime was committed on anyone’s part, but it’s a clear example of overpolicing. The officers need additional training… yet who will bell the cat?


I don’t think its unreasonable for the cops to have to answer to the call, and i hate to say it but: At least they didn’t shoot or beat up the guy. That’s a pretty low mark to hit but still glad nothing happened to the guy.

As far as the caller goes, with this being news i sure hope they get hell for being racist assholes.


I sure hope Babysitter Barbara stays way the hell away from any schools in the area… she may see poor innocent white children held captive by (horrors) black (or brown, hell even a deeper tan is verboten) teachers. They may even be forced to be indoctrinated in science, mathematics and culture! (drags out fainting couch) Even (fervid pearl clutching ensues) evolution! (faints dramatically)


Sadly, Warren v. District of Columbia says otherwise, but as a practical matter, you’d hope they do.



I will take police officers showing up and investigating a call that claims a child is in danger any day of the week over “OMG POLICE, A WHALE IS TOUCHING OUR BOAT”

And yes @reactionabe it’s about them spending time ensuring some kids are ok. Now in this case OFC they were fine and those same LEO’s should be turning to the woman that called them and going after her for I don’t even know what charges…but something for wasting their time and potentially humiliating this young man and scaring those kids.