Cops chase innocent shoplifting suspect into stranger's house, then storm it with 50-person SWAT team and blow up every room except one

I am guessing things escalated because of the shot fired at the cops?

Still, it seems it would have been a lot cheaper to surround the place and bring in a negotiator. It is absurd they aren’t liable for the damages.

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In Wilmington DE (aka Murder Town) just a mile or two from me the cops are already there, and have been for decades. According to locals, when the police publicly murdered Derek Hale in 2007 he asked if his girlfriends’ children could go in the house, so they wouldn’t have to see the gruesome execution, but the police refused.


Agreed, that’s the only thing that will change any of this foolishness, IMO; start tapping those pensions and union funds, rather than letting the taxpayers foot the bill.


According to Radley Balko, the attorney for the city at deposition attempted to draw equivalence between the homeowner and Timothy McVeigh. The attorney did this by suggesting that Rise of the Warrior Cop, mentioned by the homeowner during deposition, influenced McVeigh. In fact, McVeigh was executed years before Rise was published.



Will view!


I’m done with being a landlord. But that would be a good deterrent, I’m sure :slight_smile:


That seems a bit harsh.

Speaking of harsh, I just heard this crazy story about a 50-person SWAT blowing up a guy’s house…


But…was he possessing/high on meth and did he really shoot at police? All we have are the police officers’ word on that.


If it’s a defined benefit plan, the taxpayer picks up whatever is needed to make the retirees whole.

(Edit - I checked it out, Colorado’s police retirement plan is better than most with only a 15% deficit. Still, whatever comes out to pay for police destruction will eventually have to be paid back by taxpayers).


A noble pursuit, but unless you’re a millionaire, you’d have to tap out first.


Or be semi-well-connected in the lawyer world. You don’t need much to retain a good one. Ten or fifteen grand and guarantee of the lion’s share of the proceeds. Someone will bite.

The St Louis PD are basically an arm of the Klan. Always have been.


I know this won’t be popular, but did we miss:

“Seacat, who was on an upper floor, fired four or five shots through the floor at officers below.”

Seriously - the cops are chasing a shoplifter and came under fire.

He’s lucky to be alive. You do not fire, mistakenly or otherwise, at police officers. That’s kinda the rule. And should you do so mistakenly, you do not turn it into a standoff - you shout repeatedly “Don’t shoot, I give up” and lie face down on the floor with your arms spread out so you don’t get killed. It doesn’t matter why they’re there - that can all get sorted out later.

TL;DR - stupid is as stupid does.

Yeah. How dare the homeowner have the guy he didn’t invite inside shoot at the cops! He should have known that he was putting his house at risk by being essentially uninvolved.

Exactly! Don’t you people know that police officers aren’t human beings* trained and pressed by society to act out in a totalitarian way, but rather MONSTERS, uncontrollable and unstoppable. The best thing to do is to appease them in all situations or you and anybody in your vicinity will be … “pacified”.

* In case it needs to be said: this comment, but especially this and the later “monsters”, is meant sarcastically.

  1. that’d be astronomically expensive, and I doubt any smart (read competent) lawyer would take you up on that.
  2. After your first 10 motions, it seems like an easy way for the judges to decide you’re a vexatious litigant and deny you the right to file motions in their courts.

For #1, the city offered 5,000. The cops utterly destroyed that house. There is an apparent mismatch between the action and the response. A competent lawyer would most certainly take the case because of that. Also, ten grand is not astronomical. It’s rather low and standard as a retainer.

For the second, I would defer to my lawyer on the precise play-by-play, but I would make it known that they should go after them as hard as they can.


The point it is the house was not Seacat’s or even someone Seacat knew. It was just the house he managed to get in. The Police destroyed the house and said oops sorry here is $5000 for the trouble to the actual houses owner. WTF. They should be giving the owner of the house a fuckton more money than that.

I love how all the cop apologists who come in here totally miss this fact.


Sounds to me like the cops ran headlong into a dangerous situation, when they had all the tools and training necessary to know better. But instead the pigs wanted an excuse to blow up some bystander’s house since, you know, they have all these fucking explosives, and if they don’t use up their budget they might not get more next year.


Makes room for another dispensary.