Cops hassle filmmakers flying drone near cattle feedlot

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It is hilarious how the Harris people and the police turned what would have been a boring non event into this crap show. The drone footage shows nothing but buildings and cows. You have to actually drive past to experience the smell and general awfulness.


I drive by here on occasion and yes it does REALLY stink. You can’t see much of the feed lot from the road but what you do see is pretty disgusting.


I drive past there every week, and I get the feeling I should be glad that surgery has limited my sense of smell.

But yeah, that hyperbole stinks, too.


Minor issue: Cops are there to protect the public. They should be, and need to be, visible, so if you’re having a problem, you can call them. I don’t find the Fresno Sherrif’s Department uniforms to be made for visibility, otherwise they wouldn’t go with olive drab and black. Take away the “Sherrif” and “Fresno County Sherrif” badges from her uniform, and she’d look like any other paramilitary outfit one might care to name.

Totes welcoming, especially to any of our foreign visitors (not really).


This place also has the nickname “Cowschwitz” according to several people I’ve talked to. Anyone who’s driven the misery known as Interstate 5 knows how long the smell lasts, miles out from it, even when the windows are up.

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While cops may be pigs if there is enough money involved they can be into cows too.

I didn’t find this video hyperbolic. I consider the snark warranted. The cops are indeed harrassing the vidoegraphers, there’s way too many of them there, and they’re clearly at the obedient beck and call of the feedlot fat cats.


The CHP to be sure. There’s tons of highway construction going on right now over on I-5, and a Caltrans worker was hit and killed a few days back. They do have somewhere better to be.

Agreed. Agribusiness is a huge cash cow (sorry) in central California and animal rights activists and environmentalists are actively loathed in our general culture. Absolutely nothing surprising here. One provides a tax base and free steaks, the other is just target practice.

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