Cops routinely unlock phones with corpses' fingers


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Now to use duress prints.
(Ring finger, middle finger, OK)
(index finger, do not recognize any further fingerprints until passcode entered.)


That cop is telling that old woman, “Get outta here ya old bag! There ain’t nuttin to see hear!” and she replies,
“Oh my goodness! You’re so rude!”


Wait a minute, “Forbes police?”


Cops: Kicking asses and taking names…


Biometrics are lousy for security in so many ways. I have a pass code for my phone - blow it 10 times and the phone wipes itself.


“Corpse Fingers”, dark metal band name?


What? There’s plenty of beautiful songs about dead people.


One of my favourites.

"They found Mary Bellows cuffed to the bed
With a rag in her mouth and a bullet in her head
O poor Mary Bellows "




Stiff Little Fingers?


Man, that name sounds so sinister in the context. :open_mouth:


This reads like something from a ‘Here Be Monsters’ podcast.



And it’s entirely legal for police to use the technique, even if there might be some ethical quandaries to consider.

Isn’t that droll? Police considering ethical quandaries?


‘Rigor Trigger Finger’


Dr. Lecter meets the information age.


I could get accustomed to ring-fingering my phone. How easy is it to set up “duress prints?” (android)


What the hell phone lets this work? Mine barely works when my thumb is slightly wet or a little cold.


Apple is pretty good at protecting privacy. Seems like an app for the Apple Watch could detect the death of the wearer and lock or even wipe the users phone. Of course this would just give the cops a reason to take a victims watch and put it on their own wrist instead of giving lifesaving care.