Copyright filters are automatically removing copies of the Mueller Report


So, working as intended then.

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Well, we could make a law that punishes with harsh prison terms anyone who appropriates and censors public information. For vital information like this, I wouldn’t hesitate to put a company CEO behind bars for five years or so, which is plenty of time to contemplate the meaning of attacking democracy for personal profit.

Yeah. This sounds like a feature, not a bug. Once a major media company has reported on something, all other perspectives on it get filtered from the internet.

The EU directive it’s not a law, but has to be redacted as a law by the 27. Yet this non-existent law it’s already in force.

What I am seeing now is that a big monopolistic multinational has written some law in an authoritarian way and it’s happy to impose it with some other monopolistic corporations.

Make the actual law a bit differen and make it cumbersome to use, following the letter but not the spirit, like asking to use tas stamps or having something to be notarized, bonus point fo indirect references in the law or partially conflicting statements.

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