Corbyn's Labour surges to an 8-point lead over the Tories


Perhaps I wasn’t clear - it is the Scottish Conservatives who are on the left of the Party. I assumed people knew the DUP is far right and has links to Protestant terrorism.


She would just have done a deal with the DUP then.
No, from the Conservative point of view she blew it, but so comprehensively that she got to keep her own job because nobody wants it. She has painted herself into a corner.


Harold Wilson had to call an election because his majority of four seats was unworkable. I don’t see how it would work any better when Theresa May has an effective majority of six once you take the "save Ulster from sodomy"lot, Sinn Fein’s abstentionism and Speaker Denison’s rule into account

In 1931, the fifth place party in the UK formed a coalition government. Admittedly the parties in favour of the National Government had a clear majority and Ramsey MacDonald was the prime minister who arranged that before being kicked out of the Labour party.


Yeah, I think the Tories have realised that there’s no one that they can convince the electorate with (that includes Jacob ‘I’m not some auto-generated parody meme’ Reese-Moog) right now. The only person that could do that in the future is possibly Ruth Davidson, but it’s too early for her, particularly with having to work with the homophobic DUP.

Honestly their best plan could be another election and convincing people that Labour were the reason behind calling it and hoping the electorate ignore the past 7 years of ideologically driven arrogant incompetence murdering the marginal in our society. Incredibly high risk but we’re well and truly through the looking glass right now. The level of machismo successfully implementing this plan would produce so many endorphins in their lizard brains that I can see them going for it…


Ah, the poison chalice… may it remain forever tainted.

Mind you, that would of course require Britain’s plebs to develop an aversion to bootlicking.


Oh great. Now I’m interpreting British politics through the lens of Shadow of Mordor. (which happens to be on sale for four bucks right now on steam)


Everyone said Jeremy Corbyn was unelectable.

Theresa May’s response: “Hold my beer.”


Remember what the polling looked like before the 2015 clusterfuck?

And that’s the average. Immediately after the 2010 defeat, YouGov put Labour 19 points ahead. Jeez, tone down the triumphalism somewhat.


Was that before or after Milliband stepped down?


This is between Brown losing and Cameron becoming PM in coalition with the Lib Dems, and Ed Miliband losing.


Well, yeah, that makes sense. Unpopular leader quits, there’s a surge of optimism. Of course, a surge of optimism powered by a star would be wasted on Milliband, who would simply absorb it, then continue being a rubber chicken in a suit. Turns out having actual policies, not just being shit-scared of Murdoch & Rothermere et Al is quite the popular notion.


Even if one pays the slightest attention to repeatedly-discredited polls, there are two interpretations:

  • Corbyn is increasing the party’s polling position
  • May is doing badly, so Labour’s polling position is increasing, irrespective of (or despite) anything Corbyn’s done.

Unsurprisingly, Cory ignores that possibility, but I favour the latter interpretation: May is increasingly a liability whereas Corbyn’s the same liability he’s always been.


Yeah like literally the only thing Corbyn has done since the election was that thing about firing people for supporting an amendment against Brexit. Meanwhile not only do Labour voters hate May (which is to be expected… the fact that they didn’t prior to the election was why the Tory lead looked so impressive) but Tory voters also hate her for fucking up the campaign.

EDIT: Okay, Corbyn also made the right call on Grenfell, I shouldn’t forget that.


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